Nico DOS valley

Nico DOS valley (actually Nikolaus Josef Michael DOS valley) (* 27. November 1895 in Korneuburg, Lower Austria; † 27. October 1981 in Salzburg) was a Austrian Operetten - and film music composer.

DOS valley dedicated itself first Vienna to the study of the jurisprudence at the university, turned then however to the music study at the academy for church music in monastery new castle and made themselves with his 1913 in Linz uraufgeführten „large fair “in D major a name. After its participation in the First World War DOS valley worked 1919 - 1924 as Theaterkapellmeister in Innsbruck, Pc. , Vienna , Czernowitz us polarized Salzburg and went 1924 to Berlin, where it turned to the maintenance music, in the music publishing trade actively were and as free Arrangeur among other things for Oskar Straus, Franz Lehàr and Robert pride worked. Besides DOS valley was as a Kapellmeisterand composer actively, wrote the music to the film emperor tome and had 1933 to large success with its first Operette Clivia, that among other things The much-loved (1934), which followed Hungarian wedding (1939) as well as numerous Filmmusiken. 1946 moved to DOS valley to Vienna and livedsince 1954 in Salzburg, where he dedicated himself further to his kompositorischen activity and among other things the chamber musical one makes career ( 1961) in such a way wrote. Apart from Operetten and film music DOS valley composed also church music.

It was married with the opera singer Lilli Claus and nephew of the composer Hermann DOS valley. Its son novel DOS valley became a conductor.


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