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Nico judge (* 2. December 1915 in Amsterdam; † 16. August 1945 in Amsterdam) was a Netherlands composer.

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Nico max of judges is born as the second of three children of the dentist Izaak judge in Amsterdam. Already at the basic school age it receives first playing the violin instruction and with twelve years already impresses it the appearance of a living composer: “I want that also!”.

In September 1927 he comes into the higher school (HBS Hoogere citizen School) and 1930 begin its playing the violin instruction with SAM Tromp, to which parents anxiously report that Nico neglects before loud playing the violin plays the school. Develop also first compositions, which it designates later rather than juvenilia and lets not all apply.

After graduation 1932 it writes itself (on urge of the father) in Amsterdam as a medical student. It begins however at the same time also the Violinstudium with Sepha Jansen in the there conservatoire. The first public performance of a composition is to 16. March 1935: the Violinkonzert of the 17jährigen.

In July 1935 it participates in a master course with Hermann Scherchen in Belgium, appears as a conductor and receives the price Prix Henry Le Boeuf for its cello concert. Hermann Scherchen leads the premiere in Brussels palaces of the Beaux kind and also carries the concert forward to Winterthur. There the well-known Cellist Emanuel fire man plays the solo part. Also in its hometown after a performance takes place in the year. Nico judge becomes increasingly admits, is it as a conductor of the student orchestra MUSA,as a composer with 1937 the created Netherlands music celebration Maneto (Manifestatie Nederland Toonkunst) or alsoas a Rezensent to appearances of Strawinsky or Darius Milhaud in Amsterdam. To 23. July 1937 is sent its Sinfonia Divertimento by radio Brussels.


at the beginning of of 1940 emigriert its older sister still straight in time with its family into the USA, while Nico decide judges and its parents to remain still in Amsterdam. But will already attack in May the Netherlands of the Germans, and the Repressalien against the Jewish population increase month in particular for month.

Still in September 1940 Nico judge marries the Violinistin Hetta Scheffer, which is not Jewish and is engaged since 1937 with which it. Mixed marriages were already forbidden to beginning of 1942. At the end of October 1941 Nico judge of his offices in the student orchestra one relieves, medicine study can be however still in November to terminate.

At the night of 17. on the 18. April 1942 is arrested Nico judge. Of 6. November up to 18. January 1943 it interned in Amersfoort, afterwards in the camp Vught. Here there are some months a camp orchestra, in which he participates. At the 15.November 1943 he comes via Westerbrook to Auschwitz. To 16. October 1944 follows the three-day-long after transport DAK-strikes, where it comes into the external bearing purchase ring. A destroying completing camp for the building of enormous underground shelters for the defense project ring-airworthiness directive-practices.

After release to 27. April 1945 by the Americans arrives Nico judge in July 1945 at Eindhoven . His Mrs. Hetta can get their critically ill man with an outpatient clinic to Amsterdam. In the few weeks, which still remain for him, it dictates two sets of a serenade, which it composed in the camp in the memory. It dies to 16. August 1945 four months before its thirtieth birthday.


(not received)

  • 1929 Menuett in styles the Mozarts
  • approx. 1929 - 1933 developed numerous works:
    • Spanish dance violin and piano, Sonatine, Epigramme d'un fou, Litanei (à la de la tousade perte), Sonate
    • different dances and Prelude for piano, chamber music for cello and piano
    • two Klaviertrio, two piano quartets, Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano
    • four symphonies, under it: de poet tile, burleske, <math> \ pi r^2< /math>
    • different songs with piano company after texts of Heine, Guido Gezelle, Gorter, Goethe, Schiller, Tennyson
  • 1931 amusing opera huweliksbedrog after a text of Rinze Veldman
  • 1932 opera a de goal
  • 1932 Blues piano
  • 1932 La Tousade
  • 1933 (approx.) Fantasie and tome
  • 1933 de gouden bol shade play for speech voice, singing, violin, cello and piano after a text of Ruurd Vierhout
  • 1934 short opera de moedermoordenaar after own text


  • 1933 Violinkonzert (?. Lento? , Allegro) (duration 10min)
  • 1934 Sinfonietta I serenade chamber orchestra (two violins, Violoncello, flute, clarinet and guitar)
  • 1934 Sonatine I piano (3 sentences) 5min
  • 1935? Concert for Violoncello and six (clarinet, horn, trumpet, piano, two violins) instruments (Allegro vivo, Lento, Presto) 6min
  • 1935 Trio for flute, viola and guitar (Allegro, Non troppo lento, Presto) 5min
  • 1936 symphony I Sinfonie Divertimento 8min
  • 1936 caper quartet I (allegro, andantino, presto) 4min
  • 1936 Sinfonia divertimenta
  • 1937 Amorys chamber opera in an act (libretto Hendrik Lindt) occupation: 1te/2te violin, Viola, cello, Contrabass, flute, Piccolo, clarinet, Fagot, horn, piano, rammers
  • 1937 song, Sopran and piano (Lento), text Wim Kriste 6min
  • 1940 Het lyk, Bariton and piano, text Wim Kriste
  • 1941 Orchestrierung of the work Baal Shem of Ernest Bloch
  • 1942 two pieces of violin and piano (allegretto, adagio)
  • 1945 serenade for flute, violin and Viola (1 Allegretto giocoso, 4 Presto - Adagio) 9min

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