Nicola Antonio Porpora

Nicola Porpora

Nicola Antonio Porpora (* 17. August 1686 in Neapel; † 3. March 1768 ebd.) was an Italian composer and singing teacher. It was admits for its Virtuosentum in the Italian air.

From 1711 to 1725 it served as a Kapellmeister of the prince Philipp of Hessen darmstadt, the commander of the imperial troops in Neapel. In the years 1715 to 1721 di San Onofrio in Neapel the Kastraten Porporino, Farinelli , Caffarelli and Salimbeni belonged to its pupils at the Conservatorio.

Porpora invited into competition to George Friedrich trade to London to the aristocracy opera, there opened it the play time 1733 with the opera “air Anna in Nasso “.

To further stations in Venice and Neapel he finally came 1747 than singing teachers of the princess Maria Antonia to the cure-Saxonian Dresden yard. To conflicts with Johann Adolph hate returned Porpora over Vienna to Neapel. Around 1749 Joseph Haydn active as chamber servants and companion for Nicola Antonio Porpora was in Vienna. During its vienna stay (1752-1757) Porpora trained the 1744 born later singer, Komponistin and Cembalistin Marianna Martines as a singer and probably also than Komponistin. Porpora lived in the time with it in the same house.

The work Porporas covers over forty operas, numerous Oratorien and Solokantaten as well as fairs and instrument valley works.


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