NIC oils Heesters

of NIC oils Heesters (* 14. February 1937 in potsdam) is a German actress.

NIC oils Heesters is the daughter of Johannes Heesters. It played already as a young person at the beginning of the 1950er years smaller roles in German films. 1953 stood it in I and my wife for the first time before the camera, 1954 followed this song remain with you and in the same year debütierte it at the Viennese folk theatre in the title part of the piece of success of Gigi. Thereupon it was obligated also at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus. When it tightened itself however 1956 with a car accident in South America heavy face injuries, their promising career already seemed as 19-Jährige to end.

But it gave up not, turned to the film the back, however professional play training at the max Reinhardt seminar in Vienna began. The theatre should remain then also their artistic homeland, up to small trips in the television. In the theatre she worked with directors such as Peter Zadek, Claus Peymann, Peter Stein, Frank Castorf and Andrea Breth. It had commitments in following cities and theatres: Duesseldorf, Thalia theatre Hamburg, Schauspielhaus Bochum and numerous others.

For its outstanding theatre achievements it was honoured among other things in Berlin with the golden curtain and in Hamburg with the golden mask.

NIC oils Heesters was the first female scene - Ermittlerin at all. As clerk sarin book Mueller determined it since 1978 in different episodes of the successful crime film series.

Pit Fischer is married NIC oils Heesters and lives in Hamburg with the stage designer. Its daughter Saskia Fischer works meanwhile also as an actress.

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