Nicolette Krebitz

Nicolette Krebitz (* 2. September 1971 in Berlin) is predominant a German actress, in cinema and television films, rain eating urine and musician. Additionally she works as a spokeswoman for radio plays and - books (and. A. Nana of Émile Zola).

It buildup without father with its nut/mother in Berlin . To the film she came over a child Casting, to which actually only her sister wanted.

During the school time rather child star in television films and -, Nicolette Krebitz completed transmissions after abort of the school classical and learned modern dance training and to the Fritz Kirchhoff Schauspielschule.

With the main roles in fate play and calculated Zoé obtained it larger attention and with the Adolf Grimme price was distinguished. Nicolette Krebitz achieved large public success 1997 with bandits, for which she wrote a sound TRACK, which attained gold status together with her colleagues Katja Riemann and jasmine Tabatabai. 2001 produced it with Jeans their first feature, with which she also led direction.

Nicolette Krebitz lives together with Moritz of Uslar and its common son in Berlin.

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Filmografie (selection)



  • Telestar …. for” innocence angels “
  • internationally festival Valencia…. as a” best new generation actress “
  • Adolf Grimme price …. for” fate play “






  • special price with the television film price 2003 of the German academy of the representing arts…. for” outstanding achievements “in the film” so fast you can do “


  • golden camera as a best actress…. for the role of the Linda in” so fast you “[
to work on] articles

and interview 1994

  • the mirror ( expenditure 51) know…. ” Princess Eisenerz “


  • BZ Berlin (June)…. ” Three heavy girls strike on the bass drum “
  • star (expenditure 28) to…. ” A girl for noticing “
  • Cocktail (expenditure 07)…. ” Friends does not have one there eh “
  • Harald Schmidt show (July)…. Interview
  • Allegra (expenditure 07)…. Bandits interview
  • TV hearing and seeing (expenditure 33)…. ” A bandit robs the show “of 1999

culture mirrors

  • (July) from all…. ” Angels on wire “
  • TV Movie (expenditure 15)…. ” A murder woman “
  • the world on-line (July)…. ” The child woman as clerk sarin “
  • north courier (July)…. ” As you find with the blue shirt? “


  • Allegra (expenditure 04)…. ” Property of friends you call… Coco
  • “madame (expenditure 04). ” Let it! “


  • max. ones. ” Rescue of the Heulsuse “
  • Hörzu…. ” I had desire on strong “
  • Playboy (expenditure 02)…. ” My evening with… Nicolette Krebitz “
  • Frankfurt general Sunday newspaper (21. October 2001)…. ” Desire of the center “


  • Allegra (expenditure 11)…. ” To the thing, Coco! “
  • The world on Sunday (01. December 2002)…. ” The love for my friends “
  • star (expenditure 50)…. ” Denim I me “
  • Hörzu (expenditure 50)…. ” Finite grown-up “


  • cast (expenditure 02)…. ” Nicocolette “


  • blond magazine (March)…. ” Nicolette Krebitz “


of fat bread have on their album of fat bread let greet the Song Nicolette Krebitz wait (together with Tocotronic) published, a modification of Bananaramas hit Robert DeNiro' s Waiting.

Nicolette Krebitz is on the Cover new order of the album GET ready! illustrated. In addition it is to be seen to the route posters on on the pertinent Singles Crystal and 60 miles hour and. The photos come from Juergen plate. Before it it was photographed already (apart from different sound TRACKs) on the Cover of the Terranova - to admire album CLOSE The Door - likewise of Juergen plate.

For the French film 8 Mrs. von François ozone Nicolette Krebitz worked as a Synchronsprecherin of the German version. She spoke the role of the daughter Suzon, which was played by Virginie Ledoyen.

RP bald turned Katharina shaker and Inga Birkenfeld , which had Munich on the film celebration 2005 premiere under the title girl on Sunday a documentary film over Nicolette Krebitz, Laura Tonke.

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