Netherlands west India company

the Netherlands west India company (niederl. Name: Geoctroyeerde westIndian Compagnie, WIC) , which westIndian society Netherlands in the German-speaking countries generally under the name admits became , was frequently briefly a mechanism of Netherlands dealers, to 3. June 1621 Charter for the exclusive trade in west Africa and America by the Republic of that filters combined the Netherlands were handed out. The effect of this Charter should switch all competition off between the different commercial centres.

The most remarkable achievement of the society was 1624 the establishment thatColony new down country (Nieuw Nederland), including which 1626 on the south point of Manahatta established city new Amsterdam (Nieuw Amsterdam), today New York). Other establishments are Breukelen, today Brooklyn, Hoboken, Connecticut, Delaware, new jerseyand the colony Netherlands Guyana (today Suriname) in South America. A failed attempt to entreissen the Portuguese Brazil ended after a 30jährigen war, sees new Holland. In west Africa the society operated some fastened trading bases, e.g. the away Batensteyn at that Gold coast, the coast today's Ghana.

The Kolonisation of new down country came however not far. On the one hand due to the embittered rivalry with England, which conquered 1664 new down country, on the other hand by difficulties to inspire settlers for the colony. The policy thatSociety planned, the people, which had brought settlers into the colony to ensure extensive authority by these.

In the articles of association of the Netherlands westIndian society one fixed to work against a peace between the Netherlands and Spain. This happened at the business purpose, armedTo accomplish assaults on Spanish silver fleets.

1674 were reorganized the company and concentrated mainly on the slave trade with Africa.

The Prussian king Friedrich I. sold to the society its African possessions, among other things by cure Brandenburg created largely the Friedrichsburg, inConventions of 1718 and 1720.

The Charter of the company ran out 1791 .

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