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the term precipitation designation in the meteorology water, which falls in liquid or firm form from the atmosphere on earth. It results from condensationthe humidity in air. The size of the condensed particles must exceed a certain value, so that the precipitation reaches the earth's surface. The atmospheric water circulation is closed by the precipitation. The frequency and the average quantity of the precipitation are characteristic ofgeographical areas. The precipitation is certain a factor that the local climate. Particularly for the agriculture this is relevant, since only starting from a certain amount of precipitation successful building of rain fields is possible and different amounts of precipitation determined forms of vegetation be assigned can.

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precipitation measurement

the measurement of the precipitation happens with different measuring instruments. Most Niederschlagsmesser collect the precipitation in a measuring cup. This corresponds to a punctualPrecipitation measurement.

The measure amounts to mm. A mm corresponds thereby the Wasserhöhe from 1 mm, which would result, if no water flows off. Alternatively often also the quantity of water is indicated in l/m ² (even surface). 1 mm corresponds thereby exactly 1 litre/square meters.

By the employment of the precipitation radar in the meantime also surface covering collections are possible, which verifies again by punctual measured values and/or. to be calibrated can. These surface covering collections are particularly in the range of the flood management of importance.

Apart from the pure amount of precipitation are above allthe precipitation intensity and the precipitation duration characteristically.

From long-term (climatological) precipitation measurements statistic computations can be accomplished, around the middle frequency of different precipitation events (v.a. To indicate heavy rain events), which intensity and duration set to each other in purchase.

artificial precipitation

precipitation can be artificially produced in certain meteorological constellations, by a large quantity of condensation nuclei (silver iodide) into undercooled clouds one yields. See in addition hail fliers.

regularities of the spatial spreading of the precipitation

(1) in the mountainsdepend the amounts of precipitation on the coating direction to the dominant air flow.

(2) Mainland areas receive smaller precipitation than sea areas on same geographical latitude.

(3) High precipitation sums in near-equator ones and moderate widths alternate with low precipitation sums in the Ausseräquatoriellen the Tropics and Polargebieten.

(4) In the Tropics the East parts of the tropical seas are all-season damp. On the other hand the western parts are damp only in the summer and in the autumn.

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