Niels call

Niels call (* 21. May 1973 in Worms) is a German television moderator, author and an actor.

Immediately after the school it knocked the way into the media. After a one year's activity during the Rhine newspaper it was gecastet with 21 years by the Second Channel of German Television for the Videospielshow x cousin, whom it moderated three years long. Afterwards it became moderator of the call in show Niels' call of the transmitter DSF, which was again set off however after nine consequences, since Leo Kirch felt contents according to statement of call as “blasphemisch”. Parallel it wrote for the child transmission Clubhouse film scripts and produced bringing in films. Temporarily call worked as free coworkers for focus TV and received also commitments as an actor. Thus it participated 1996 in the SAT.1 - film Charley ′ s aunt . A Nebenrolle in the Comedy film and everything followed because of mummy (1998).

When the music transmitter looked for VIVA TWO at the beginning of of 1998 in a Casting for new presentation talents, they found to about 8,000 participants call, which moderated and produced from now on its own transmission Kamikaze under that. In its monolied and announcements he developed rapidly a special style political correctness, with he in his target group fast a kind cult status faraway attained. Its interviews and comments took irreverently and crudely the current Hypes and liking gladly star on the grain and played - usually grenzwertig - with Homophobie and Sexismus, why its transmission place was shifted soon from the afternoon on the late evening. In each transmission räkelte itself - as answer to the water glass-bringing- Another, easily, lady („the Kamikätzchen “) on a couch mat in the Studiohintergrund dressed female assistants in the rest of TV. Once this was replaced as ironical refraction by one „Kamikater “in shape of an easily dressed man.

In the year 2000 it took together with WestBam the Song computer state of downward for the Compilation Pop 2000 - ′ s gives up only once . Its increasing popularity came also in one of Harald Schmidt torpedierten appearance of call in the Harald Schmidt show and not least in a short Liaison with the actress Anke Engelke (2000) to the expression. Der Verlauf dieser Beziehung und ihr von gern zitierten Ruf-Kommentaren unterlegtes Ende („Wir reden nicht mehr, wir ficken nur noch.“) wurde von der Boulevardpresse aufmerksam verfolgt. In such a manner in the field of vision of the mass media moved and before the background of the completion of VIVA TWO as „requirement channel “call turned out in June 2001 under bombardment, when it was to have made rough fun according to a report of the picture newspaper over the skin cancer illness of a colleague, what after judicial statement a wrong statement was, but a cause offered to set it with VIVA TWO before the door.

At the end of of 2001 appeared with universal Pictures the DVD Niels call - plague OF Kamikaze 1998-2001 with excerpts from the transmission and before unpublished scenes.

Starting from February 2002 call on RTL II got a new transmission (fully gotten), in it the scenes with hidden camera commentated. it arose to 2002 in a Nebenrolle in the film like the Karnickel .

Niels call works momentarily at the world-wide reputation TV GmbH which it 1999 along-based and writes as a guest author for various People magazines.

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