Niki Marty

Niki Marty (* 13. October 1973 in Zurich) is a Swiss sport contactor.

Marty began at the age of 16 years with the shooting. In the meantime it belongs with the high-speed fire pistol to the best contactors of the world.

Its largest success celebrated he 2002 with the world championship that sport contactors in Lahti as it behind the German Marco clip mountain and Ralf Schumann the bronze medal secured myself. In the same year it reached place 10 with the Weltcup final in Munich.

The subsequent season passed disappointing. With the European championship that sport contactors in Pilsen handed it only to 13. Rank.

In the olympic season 2004 Marty reached two second places with the Weltcup meetings in Athens in April and in Milan in June. With in August the olympic summer games taking place in Athens it did not succeed to Marty however to tie to this form and it became only 12.

At present it occupies rank 7 of the world rank list that internationally Shooting sport Federation (conditions: 10. January 2005).

Marty is married and lives with its wife and a child in sea-gene (Aargau).


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