Nikita (TV serial)

series data
of German titles: Nikita
original title: La Femme Nikita
production country: Canada
production year (e): 1997 - 2001
length per episode: approx. 45 minutes
of episode number: 96
source language: English
title music: Mark of Snow
Sean Callery
idea: Joel Surnow
Robert Cochran
category: Actionserie, drama
Erstausstrahlung: 13. January 1997 (the USA)
Erstausstrahlung (D): 18. January 1999

Nikita is the German title of a dramatic TV serial, which was turned in Canada. For the first time it was sent from 1997 to 2001 in the USA under the title La Femme Nikita. The characters of the agent series are based loosely on the French original film Nikita of Luc Besson.

Table of contents

general information

the TV serial became starting from 1996 of the production companies LFN Productions Inc. and Fireworks Entertainment close Toronto filmed and of Warner Bros. Television drove out. It has altogether 96 consequences in 5 Seasons. There is 4 full relays and a short with 8 additional consequences, which after international fan - campaign with zigtausenden letters developed.

On the US-American television became the dramatic Actionserie of 13. January 1997 to 4. March 2001 of the transmitter the USA network radiated and is regarded of many as cult.

Producer of the series was Jamie Paul Rock. She was devised considerably by Joel Surnow. He co-operated with Robert Cochran, with which he created the successful series of 24 also later. Nikita exhibits a certain similarity to the following series alias .

The Titelsong Main Snow is from Marks. Sean Callery wrote the original music.

In the German linguistic area in Austria all consequences were sent to 18 in ORF 1, in Germany on RTL II starting from that. January 1999 so far (conditions: April 2006) only the first three relays. Internationally the series in more than 50 countries was radiated.

contents of

Nikita (Peta Wilson) are condemned - differently than in the film - innocently because of a murder. She is recruited by the secret military organization section One (quotation: „Their ends acres just, but their means acres ruthless. “, into German about: „Your goals are fair, but their means are scruplesless. “). In section unity is trained Nikita for special missions as the terror fight as ice-cold Killerin. To its Mentor, the mysterious Michael (Roy Dupuis), it develops a completely special relationship. Together they are a singular team. Nikita adapts with the time to its rough environment, in the emotion as weakness applies, and becomes the Top Agentin. Despaired it looks despite its job for a little private life. Walter (Don Francks) and Birkoff (Matthew Ferguson) become as as a spare family, operation (Eugene Robert Glazer) and larva LINE (Alberta Watson) contractors. The series offers romance, Action, tension, drama, well thought action elbows out, interesting characters, which develop themselves further, and offers material, in order to think about right and injustice in moral conflicts. Often lives are sacrificed. How are much force and deception justifiable, in order to achieve a more ambitious goal?


important for the series are the music and the singular, cool appearance of the sets of Rocco Matteo and the clothes of Laurie Drew. The minimalistic mode of expression of the actors is just as singular. Each small eye movement and each word are of importance.

DVDs etc.

Until April 2006 there are the first 3 relays under the title La Femme Nikita in English on DVD to buy. They contain merry and deleted scenes, as well as comments as extras.

  • The first relay became to 8. July 2003 of Warner Home video on DVD publishes. It has the regional code 1 for the USA and Canada and is playable only on DVD Playern suitable for it. On the last DVD is there under Special features a small hidden Promo video with Peta Wilson, a so-called Easter Egg. Also English video home system cartridges were published by consequences of the first relay.
  • The distribution of the second relay became about one week before the planned Erscheinungstermin to 20. July 2004 due to a legal problem with a music piece stopped, although some sets had been already sent away. The Song, which caused a delay of nine months, was on disk 5 in the consequence „off of profiles “ Loaded Gun of Hednoize (destroying the lab scene). After this difficulty the second relay became then to 15. March 2005 (again) publishes, whereby the mentioned music piece was replaced.
  • The third relay became to 28. June 2005 publishes. The second and third relay are contrary to the first according to some fans no regional code to have.
  • The fourth relay becomes presumably to 25. July 2006 appear. It contains deleted and merry scenes, as well as comments (see Cover.) the fifth relay is to be published completely at at the end of of 2006 or at the beginning of 2007.
  • Otherwise there is little Merchandising except the books (see literature) and the official sound TRACK, there is which to buy also in the German-speaking countries . An exception are the four Wrap Reels with photographs of the sets and the Dailies etc. by Eugene Robert Glazer. With earlier fan meetings (see CQS) T-Shirts were sold.
  • In2TV is only for Americans starting from that 15. March 2006 available. It is a co-operation of AOL and Warner Bros. There are free of charge 10 consequences over this new Internet platform. Actionserien are offered under the designation Rush TV.

worth knowing

La Femme Nikita is called from the French translates the Mrs. Nikita.

The title of the series is internationally often shortened with LFN.

The number of words of the English episode titles depends on the respective relay. So have e.g. the consequences of the first relay title with a word and a title of the last relay of five words. This principle was unfortunately lost in the case of the translation.

There were karitative meetings, with which some the actor Filmsachen at fans auctioneered. The Conventions was called CLOSE Quarters Standby. They were held in Toronto. CQS1 was in October 1998 at the beginning of the turning work to the third relay. CQS2 was in October 1999 at the beginning of the fourth relay. E.g. became. a name auctioneers, which later in the fourth relay either than rogue or than section agent be used should. It is a new chief of COMM named Katherine (Kate) Quinn, which was designated after the winner. It was introduced to the consequence „Sleeping With the Enemy “and then regularly arose. CQS3 was in May 2000 near the end of the fourth relay. Surprisingly Roy Dupuis emerged briefly there. By Peta Wilson, since it was vocationally prevented, a short video for the fans one showed, thanked you and one discharged in that it. CQS4 was in May 2001. Further Peta Wilson was in the year 1998 with LCA1 (Lights, Camera, Auction). This meeting is organized by MPICA (Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance). Donated articles are auctioneered by TV serials for charitable purposes at fans. Further smaller meetings for fans were the cruises with Don Francks after the end of the series.

The series was stopped for financial reasons. Warner Bros. wanted after series the 4. Relay any longer do not continue, because the transmitter the USA network the pecuniary claims of Warner Bros. not to fulfill wanted. After a fan campaign finally further 8 consequences were turned.

For the series became among other things Music pieces of following groups, interpreters and composers uses: Filter (volume), Christoph Willibald luck, Morcheeba, Enigma (music), Garbage, PJ Harvey, Depeche mode, The Prodigy, Orbital (volume), Sarah McLachlan, DJ Krush, Jacques Brel, Juno Reactor, The Crystal Method, Propellerheads, massifs Attack, Mickey hard, Mandalay (volume), Gabriel Fauré, Lamb (volume), Françoise Hardy, Cream, Sinéad O' Connor, Craig Armstrong, David Sylvian, Everything But The Girl, Iron Butterfly, Rob Zombie, Frédéric Chopin, Patsy Cline, Ernest Tubb, Neko Case, The Future sound OF London, Coldplay.


  • 1998: Nominating of Peta Wilson for a Saturn Award as Best category TV Actress.

Gemini Awards

  • 1998 (spring): Nancy Beatty for the consequence won „Rescue “ for the best achievement of an actress in a guest role in a dramatic series.
  • 1998 (spring): Maury Chaykin for the consequence won „Innocent “ for the best achievement of an actor in a guest role in a dramatic series.
  • 1998 (autumn): Laurie Drew for the best costume Design in the consequence won „new regime “.
  • 2000: Dan Latour, Scott Shepherd and all Ormerod for the best sound in a dramatic series won.

Further there were 14 nominating.

of episodes

relay 1 (1997)

the consequence six („Love “) was turned as the first, in order to make the actors well-known with one another.

  • Executive Consultant: Joel Surnow
  • Creative Consultant: Robert Cochran

relay 2 (1998)

  • Executive Consultant: Joel Surnow
  • Creative Consultant: Robert Cochran
  • story editor: Michael locomotive EFF
  • Program Consultant: David Ehrman

relay 3 (1999)

  • Executive Consultant: Joel Surnow
  • Creative Consultant: Robert Cochran
  • Executive story editor: Michael locomotive EFF
  • Program Consultant: Peter M. Lenkov

relay 4 (2000)

  • Executive Consultant: Lawrence heart-pulled, Joel Surnow, Robert Cochran
  • Supervising producer: Peter M. Lenkov


(on English, everything unauthorized, generally over the series and the actors, not only over Peta Wilson)

  • in emergence is the book Inside section One of Christopher Heyn (earlier Executive Assistant of Joel Surnow). It writes already for some years. One could already book it in advance with the LFN Convention 2001. It is to appear at the beginning of 2006. There are monthly updates on its insidesectionone Ezboard. The Cover, in black and white, comes from harsh ride. Peta Wilson wrote the introduction.
  • Dawn Connolly: La Femme Peta: The Unauthorized Biography OF Peta Wilson. ECW press, 2000, ISBN 1550223852
  • Ted Edwards: La Femme Nikita X-Posed: The Unauthorized Biography OF Peta Wilson and ago on screen character. Great Lifestyles, 1998, ISBN 0761514546

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