Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox, actually NIC oils Avery Cox (* 2. June 1978 in Los Angeles, California) is an US-American actress.

The career of the rothaarigen Nikki Cox began at the age of four years, when it appeared as a dancer in different ballet productions and on the television. At the age of ten years it began with the looking plaything, whereupon it in several films and series such as Baywatch, spaceship Enterprise: The next century (star Trek: The NEXT generation) to see California Dreams and Blossom was.

1995 received a role in the TV serial on worse and eternally to Cox. Long it played four years the daughter and pupil Tiffany Malloy desired up-attractive dressed with much Dekollete usually and.

In the TV serial Nikki plays it the title part Nikki White - a dancer in read Vegas, which is married with a professional Wrestler.

Cox was long engaged with that 16 years older actor Bobcat Goldthwait since 1999 several years, that in the TV serial on worse and eternally the speaking Plüschhasen Mr. Floppy its voice lent.

Since 2006 are Cox with that approximately 8 years older US-American condition UP Comedian and actors Jay Mohr engaged. For at the end of of 2006 the wedding is intended.

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