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NIC louse Manuel, called German, (* probably 1484 in Berne; † 28. April 1530 in Berne), was a Swiss dramatist, painter, a commercial artist, a Reformator and a statesman.

Selbstbildnis ca. 1530
Selbstbildnis approx. We


work on

] lives over safe data only starting from 1509. The alleged birth year is to be inferred later documents, which are quite convincing. Probably it is Bernese the son in Berne of the resident of pharmacist Emanuel de Alemanis (also all anise ) and the Margaretha Fricker (also Frickar), a except-conjugal daughter of the Thüring Fricker, a Kanzleisekretärs and city clerk in that administration.

Over its youth and training nothing is well-known. 1509 he married Katharina Frisching, the daughter of the Hans Frisching, a former Landvogt of Erlach, Aarburg, Tscherlitz and Nidau as well as member of the small Bernese advice. On the occasion of the wedding he put the name down Aleman ( also Alleman), carried up to then , and called themselves only NIC louse Manuel. Its signature and its seal carry the initials N for this time. M. D. , which are at first separated and ligiert later and written by a Dolch connected. It is generally accepted that the letter D stands thereby for the eingedeutschte version of the word Aleman. From the marriage with Katharina six children followed:

  1. Margaretha, (* 1516)
  2. Hieronymus, (* 1520; † 1579)
  3. Magdalena, (* 1524)
  4. Hans Rudolf, (* 1525; † 1571) - were likewise painter, draughtsman, Holzschnitzer and poet
  5. Johannes, (* 1527)
  6. NIC louse Manuel German D. J., (* 1528; † 1588) - active NIC louse was Manuel

member of the large advice in Berne as glass painters starting from 1510 became. 1512 it was accepted to the body of the Obergerber. In the year 1513 in the state calculations of the city Berne is led for the first time officially as a painter and kept several orders provable. In the subsequent year it acquired the house in the justice lane No. 72, to in 17. Century inside in family estate remained.

Selbstbildnis am Schluss des Totentanzes
Selbstbildnis at the conclusion of the dead dance

1516 he became a soldier and participated as a secretary of Albrecht of stone, the leader of a mercenary troop in French service in the Lombardi war . Between 1516/17 it began to paint its famous dead dance in Bernese the Dominikanerkloster. Numerous further works followed. 1518 developed the woodcut sequence the intelligent and the ton-arranged virgin. Against 1520 the last marked painting developed.

In the subsequent years he dedicated strengthens literary ambitions. Likewise starting from 1520 it became Venner of the Gerberzunft and dressed in it a further important office in its hometown. It successfully occurred numerous Swiss of cities for the penetration of the reformation Berne and bereiste in this mission. NIC louse Manuel a further mark than field writers hired itself and participated 1522 with Albrecht of stone in a further war course into the Lombardei . At November era it was wounded thereby at the hand. Later it also still participated in the battle with Bicocca . 1523 it became Landvogt in Erlach, Tscherlitz and Nidau. 1526 it was brief as Deputierter in bathing AG. Starting from April 1528 it is led for the first time as a member of the small advice from Berne. He dressed this office up to his death.

artistic working

in its drama TIC combined Manuel the Christian of religious play with elements of the nearly at night play to lifenear politically current pieces of artistic rank. Some of its works it illustrated. A total expenditure of its dramas procured J. Bächtold 1878.

As painter and a woodcut artist he was affected of the Italian Renaissance and Albrecht Dürer. Beside getting leg he was a most important representative of the Renaissance painting on Swiss soil. It created drafts for gold forging work, altarpieces, haven advice and other paintings. Its color-strong and linear moved pictures represented usually mythologische or Biblical scenes, as glass painters stood it under the influence of Hans Baldung. The most famous of its works is the dead dance, which developed from 1515 to 1521 as Fresko on (broken off now) the surrounding wall Bernese of the Dominikanerklosters with the today's French church. Even as building masters it was active, then it was among other things responsible for the building of the Netzgewölbes in the choir Bernese of Münster.

A Attika fixed image Manuels stands for that at the front of the main building Bernese cantonal bank.

selecting works


selected paintings

beheading the holy Johannes of the Täufers, Basel
the judgement of Paris, Basel
  • Basel, public art collection
    • Pyramus and Thisbe. around 1513/14
    • the holy Anna same-third with the holy Jakobus and Rochus as Fürbitter for mankind troubled of the plague. around 1514/15
    • beheading the holy Johannes of the Täufers. around 1517
    • reciprocal painted board. 1517
      • front: Death as a land farmhand embraces a girl.
      • Back: Bathseba in the bath.
    • Lukretia. 1517
    • the judgement of Paris. around 1517/18
  • Berne, art museum
    • of two wings of an altar the holy Anna. 1515
      • left wing (outside): The holy Eligius in its workshop.
      • Left wing (interior separated): The meeting at the golden gate.
      • Right wing (outside): The holy Lukas paints the Madonna.
      • Right wing (inside): The birth Mariae.
    • Portrait of a man. around 1515
    • the Martyrium of the holy Ursula. around 1515/16
    • beheading the holy Johannes of the Täufers. around 1515/16
    • of two wings of an altar of the holy Katharina. around 1516
      • both wings (outside): The Marter of the ten thousand Christians.
      • Left wing (inside): The holy Achatius.
      • Right wing (inside): The holy Barbara.
    • The Bekehrung of the Saulus. around 1516/17
    • reciprocal board painted. around 1516 - 1520
      • front: The Anbetung of the kings.
      • Back: Sending the Apostel. (kept only fragmentary)
    • two wings of an altar of the holy Antonius Eremita. 1520
      • left wing (outside): The temptation of the holy Antoius by a woman.
      • Left wing (interior separated): The holy Antonius heals patient and possessing.
      • Right wing (outside): The temptation of the holy Antonius by the Dämonen.
      • Right wing (inside): The holy Eremiten Antonius and Paulus in the desert.
    • Portrait of a knight of the holy grave. 1520
    • Selbstbildnis. 1520
  • Winterthur, collection Oskar pure-hard
    • wings of a Marienaltars. 1515
      • left wing (outside): The holy Eligius as a Goldschmied.
      • Left wing (inside): The meeting at the golden gate.

selected designs

  • Basel, public art collection
    • disk tear also of a Mrs. coat of arms held Hattstadts before a landscape with castle, as well as fighting wild men and their children maintaining wild women. around 1508 - 1512
    • the temptation of the holy Antonius.
  • Berlin, copper pass cabinet
    • rock island. around 1510 - 1515
    • standing witch. around 1518
  • Dessau, Anhalti picture gallery
    • portrait of a young woman. around 1528 - 1530
    • portrait of a young man. around 1528 - 1530
  • Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty museum
    • the scoffing Christi. around 1513/14
  • New York, Frick Collection
    • land farmhand with flag and riding woman. around 1522
  • Paris, Musée national you Louvre
    • Allegorie of death.


  • of the Pope and Christi contrast. 1522 (drama)
  • prettily again a song and a responsibility of the storm half beschehen to Pigogga. 1524
  • of the Pope and its priest shank. 1524 (play)
  • the drain shopkeeper. 1525 (play)
  • Barbali. 1526
  • Fabers and harrows/selvedges bathing travel. 1526 (poems)
  • illness and will of the fair. 1528 (satire)
  • again prettily a play of Elsli carrying thinking hubs. 1529

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