Nikolai Iljitsch Kamow

Nikolai Iljitsch Kamow
Nikolai Iljitsch Kamow

Nikolai Iljitsch Kamow (Russian НиколайИльичКамов, wiss. Transliteration Nikolaj Il'ič Kamov; * 1. /14. September 1902 in Irkutsk; † 24. November 1973) was chief designer after him designated Soviet/Russian design engineering department Kamow, thatin the development is specialized by helicopters.

Kamow left technological Institut as an engineer 1923 in Tomsk. Together with Nikolai Skrschinski it designed 1929 the first Soviet autogyro, the KaSkr-1.

Kamow Ka-8

1944 it developed its first helicopter, the Ka-8. Thisknows for the first time the characteristic all following Kamow helicopters up: They reduced two coaxial, rotors moving in opposite directions, which make a moment reconciliation at the tail redundant, the danger of injury for maintenance staff or standing around persons, the power loss with the drive of the tail rotor to avoid and a smaller number of critical construction units to exhibit.

In the following years Kamow designed further types, among other things the Ka-10, Ka-15, Ka-18, Ka-22, Ka-25 and Ka-26.

Nikolai Kamow died to 24. November 1973. The enterprise Kamow exists however this very day.

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