Nikolai Iwanowitsch Chabibulin

Nikolaj Iwanowitsch Chabibulin (Russian НиколайИвановичХабибулин; * 13. January 1973 in Swerdlowsk, Ukraine) is a Russian ice hockey player (Torwart).

It became 1994 of the Winnipeg jets as respected choice gedrafted (204. Draft position). Before it played at the legendary Russian club ZSKA Moscow. it stood for 1996 to 1999 for Phoenix Coyotes in the gate. After disputes arising from a contract with its association it played 1999/2000 under duress for the IHL - association Long Beach Ice Dogs in the season. In this season it was distinguished with the James Gatschene Memorial Trophy as best players of the league. After this season it changed to the Tampa Bay Lightning, with this team won it as a first Russian gate man at all in the season 2003/04 the Stanley Cup.

Additionally it won with the Russian team with the olympic winter plays 1992 gold as well as with the olympic winter plays 2002 bronze.

sporty career

  • 1988-89 Swerdlowsk automobilist (Russia)
  • 1989-94 ZSKA Moscow (Russia)
  • 1993-94 Russian Penguins (IHL)
  • 1994-95 Springfield Falcons (AHL)
  • 1994-96 Winnipeg jet (NHL)
  • 1996-99 Phoenix Coyotes (NHL)
  • 1999-00 Long Beach Ice Dogs (IHL)
  • 2000-04 Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL)
  • 2004-05 Kazan AC bars (Russia)
  • 2005? Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)


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