Nikolaus Joachim Lehmann

Prof. Lehmann 1968
Professor. Lehmann 1968

Professor. Dr. - engineer having IL Dr. - engineer h. C. Nikolaus Joachim Lehmann (* 15. March 1921 in Camina, today a local part of Radibor; † 27. June 1998 in Dresden), usually only briefly N. J. Lehmann mentioned, was one of the most important computer scientists of the former GDR.

From 1939 to 1945 it completed its mathematics and physics study to the TH Dresden, among other things among Professor. Willers and Professor. Bark-live. 1946 conclusion of its in the meantime second thesis (diploma), since the documents were destroyed to its first work with the bomb attacks on Dresden. 1948 it attained a doctorate to engineer to the Dr. - with honor. 1952 were appointed Lehmann the lecturer to the TH Dresden, one year later the professor for applied mathematics. Between 1956 and 1968 Lehmann director of the new institute for machine computing technology was following in Dresden, up to its retirement of 1986 directors/conductors of the range mathematical cybernetics and computing technology.

Lehmann was one the Wegbereiter the today's personnel computer. So it had vocationally and privately close contact to the German computer pioneer Konrad Zuse. During its time at the technical university in Dresden it developed various calculating machines, under it also the first desk calculator of the GDR. Most importantly probably are the computers of the Dresden series (designation D). The D1 and D2 were equipped still with tubes and relays, D3 and D4 were implemented in semiconductor technology. The most important are here:

the development of the D5 was adjusted 1966.

In addition under its line Leibniz' mechanical calculating machine was copied. Although this never functioned to Leibnitz' lifetimes correctly, smaller errors could be repaired, so that today to DO Dresden a fully functionable reproduction to be visited is. Thus finally the proof was furnished that the operational principle was correct and only manufacturing problems of the correct function stood in the way.

Its deduction is since 1999 in the German museum in Munich.


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