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Nikosia (gr. Λευκωσία Lefkosía, türk. Lefkoşa), is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus in the center of the island. Since the civil war 1974 the city is by the “Green line” (πράσινη γραμμή), a shut-off position from barricades andStacheldraht, separately into a Greek and a Turkish part. The border becomes from UN - blue helmets supervises. Nikosia has 219,200 inhabitants (conditions 31. December 2004). In the northern part of the city, the capital of the Turkish Republic of north Cyprus is, lives 39,973 humans (1996).

That Airport Nikosias is closed since the civil war, since it is in the UN-protected zone.


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south part Nikosias


inhabitants Nikosias is regarded to old part of town mosque road scene the southern - Greek - half of the old part of town as bad residential area. Many of the houses are in reorganization needy. Ithere however an active cultural life with some restaurants and (partly “alternative”) taverns prevails, particularly in the environment of the Famagusta gate (πύλη Αμμόχωστου). Over the whole old part of town many small, traditional shops and crafts enterprises are scattered. In the pedestrian precinct, at thatPlatía Eleftherías (place of the liberty; Πλατεία Ελευθερίας) begins and up to a becoming green the line leads, is the larger and more modern business. A special position takes the Laikí Jitoniá (Λαϊκή Γειτονιά; in approximately: “traditional quarters”), whereby it itself around somefor tourists prepared “traditional” roads acts, which however less authenticity, but rather a Disneyland - impression obtain.

Also the Turkish part of the old part of town is partly in bad condition, for some years tries one however, typical zypriotische houses from the Middle Ages andto restore the venezianischen time.

objects of interest

  • those 1567/1568 were established to scarcely 5 km long Veneziani fortress wall and enclose with eleven bastions star shaped the old part of town.
  • The release monument on the Podokataro bastion became short after the release fromBritish colonial rule 1960 set up.
  • The 1872 still under Turkish rule established Faneromeni church are the probably largest church Nikosias.
  • The Johannes cathedral was built 1662 and in 18. Century to the cathedral raised.
  • The icon museum is in a Seitentrakt of the Erzbischöflichen of palaceaccommodated. The museum accommodates more than 150 icons and is one of the icon collections most meaning world-wide.
  • The archaeological museum (Cyprus museum) lies southwest scarcely outside of the old part of town. It is obtained the most important archaeology museum of the island and with pieces of find of the Jungsteinzeit up to the Byzantine epoch a closed picture of the culture history of Cyprus.

quarters (Greek part; incompletely)

  • Agioi Omologitai
  • of agio Dometios
  • Aglantzia
  • Akropolis
  • Dasoupolis
  • Egkomi
  • Kaimakli
  • Lakatamia
  • Lykavitos
  • Makedonitissa
  • Omorfita
  • Pallouriotissa
  • Strovolos

northern part Nikosias

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Objects of interest

old person Karawanserei
  • in the Arabahmet mosque from that 17. Century is kept a Haarsträhne Mohammeds.
  • The Selimiye mosque, builds in 13. Century as cathedral Agia Sofia, was converted 1570 from the Turks into a mosque.
  • The Sultan Mahamut library with onelarge collection of Islamic manuscripts.
  • The central Atatürk place with the Veneziani column in the center.
  • The old Karawanserei Büyük Han was built briefly 1572 after the Turkish conquest of Cyprus and is probably the oldest Turkish building on the island.


  • fine cross section museum
  • Turkish Ethnografi museum (Mevlevi Tekke)
  • Barbarei museum
  • museum of the national fight
  • library of the Sultans Mahmud II.
  • Derviş Paşa mansion


in the northern part are 3 hotel. These are the “Royal hotel”, “Saray hotel” andthe “Gönyeli Kent hotel” as well as numerous pensions.

of sons andDaughters of the city

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coordinates: 35°10 ' N, 33° 21 ' O


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