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Nimwegen (down country. Nijmegen (speak: Naimeche)) a Hanseatic city is in the east of the Netherlands in the proximity the border of the German Federal Republic to the Niederrhein inthe province funds country with 156.308 inhabitants (counting of the 1. January 2005). The total area of the municipality is about 72 km ².

Admits is Nimwegen also for the international „four-day march “over 200 km, an annual event in July, at to foot distancesby 30-50 km per day to be put back.

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the Hanseatic city Nimwegen is the oldest city of the Netherlands. 2005 took place the 2000-Jahr-Feier. The history of the city decreases/goes back into the time of the Roman realm . The Romans maintained here a military base, Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorum.

The attachment came later, like all Roman possessions, into the hands that and so Karl the large one 777 from the castellet a Pfalz left meanwhile could build Frankish kings. Nimwegen was also before Franconias a border settlement, at that time was Saxonia and Friesen the neighbours. Around 880 the Normannen took the Pfalz.

Friedrich Barbarossa, emperor of the holy Roman realm converted the Pfalz 1150 into a castle plant . Of it meanwhile however only a small part remained remaining.

Under Heinrich VII. became Nimwegen 1230 free realm city. Shortly thereafter, to 8. October 1247, came the realm city into Gelderländi hands. Count Otto II. from funds country the city got William II. as pledge of the Roman-German king.(that count of Holland was simultaneous). Because the Lehen could not be released, it remainedfrom now on in the possession of the Mr. von Geldern. Nimwegen became the most important one of the four capitals of the duchy funds. In 1402 Nimwegen of the Hanse joined. Under Otto II. 1250 the building of the Stevenskerk, a church, also today still the those beganSilhouette of Nimwegen dominates.

1543 came Nimwegen with the remainder of the funds country by the treatise of Venlo into Spanish hands. Prince Moritz conquered the city 1591.

Nimwegen 1678 became the peace of Nimwegen between France and the republicthat filters combined the Netherlands closed.

1923 got Nimwegen a catholic University of (Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, briefly KUN). This 2004 in Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen renamed (briefly RU), over with that supraregional admitted hospital Radboud also in particular a unit tooform.

To 22. February 1944, in the 2.Weltkrieg, was destroyed Nimwegen by an allied bombardment, which was intended for a realm-German city actually, strongly. In the September of the same yearly it suffered further war damage during the battle around Arnheim.

Geografie and economics

Nimwegen are appropriate for 15 km south of Arnheim in the proximity of the cities of the German Federal Republic crane castle and Kleve. By the city the Waal , those flows with Pannerden as one of the rivers of the Rheindeltas from that Rhine develops. Iron and motorways connect the city with Arnheim, duke shrubs and Venlo. Nimwegen is also because of the linksrheinischen motorway after Goch, in the Ruhr district and to Cologne.

The city has an inland port. The industry covers and. A. Computer chip (Philips), concrete, and a quantity of small trades.

partnerships between cities

of twin cities are Pskow in Russia and Masaya in Nicaragua.


objects of interest

  • pc. - Stevenskerk (gothical), builds in 13. Century, after that 2. World war restores)
  • city hall
  • the city balance on the large market (now cafe restaurant)
  • thatValkhof with the Barbarossa ruin (in former times Roman and karolingische buildings here) and the pc. Nikolaas chapel
  • of remainders of the barrier plant: the Belvedère and the crown citizen tower
  • national bicycle museum Velorama
  • museum Valkhof, very modern museum with Roman and other archaeological finds hetas well as old and modern art (Kelfkensbos 59, at the east edge of the city center)
  • muZIEum, experience museum over seeing and nothing marriages, with among other things “Dialoog in het”, where visitors can experience like it are, not to see more donker (Nieuwe Marktstraat 54a, proximity station)


stadium in Nijmegen
  • in Nimwegen gives it a branch Holland of the Casino.
  • In the Goffert stadium (southwest the city center, about 12,500 seats) the professional soccer association is NEC Nimwegen at home.
  • Students and other young people go at night into thosecountry-wide discotheque admitted Matrixx.
  • Each year take place since 1909 De Vierdaagse , the world largest people moving.


  • the “Netherlands”, Dorling Kindersley publishing house, Munich 2004, ISBN 3-928044-55-9 (S. 340-341)

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