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Nina Hagen at the 11. October 2003 in Aalborg, Denmark

Nina Hagen (* 11. March 1955 in Berlin; civil Catherina Hagen) is a German Punk - singer.

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Nina Hagen was born as a daughter of the actress EH Maria Hagen and the film script author Hans Oliva Hagen, in Berlin. Nina's pulling father, who had temporarily lived together with the nut/mother, the singer-songwriter wolf Biermann became. It visited the Heinrich Schliemann High School in the Prenzlauer mountain.

Young Nina Hagen wanted to become in the GDR originally actress, fell however 1972 by the entrance examination of the play school. Whereupon it sang with some volume in Poland and came by it to the orchestra Alfons Wonneberg. 1974 terminated it one year's singing training with success and becamea concert discovered by the groupand immediately engages automobile “. The volume was promoted thereby to their Begleitband. Keyboarder Michael hay brook wrote the song “you the color film forgot “for it, which this very day cult status has. Already 1975 left it “automobile“and too” Fritzens steamer volume changed “. A public solidarity stating for the verfemten author and musician Wolf Biermann, who was expatriated 1976 from the GDR, brought Nina in the offside, so that it used the chance in the same year, into the west to emigrieren. It wentfirst to Great Britain.

After its return to Germany it created “Nina Hagen volume “in the autumn 1977 together with the Kreuzberger musicians Bernhard Potschka, Herwig Mitteregger, Manfred “man ” Praeker , which played before with locomotive cross mountain, and Reinhold welfare. 1978 appeared thatinternationally album considered “Nina Hagen volume”. The eccentric Punksängerin over-threw itself not many later with the four musicians, who accused their incalculability and egozentrische star airs. Since with the CBS a second album was contractually agreed upon however already, the photographs for it became first by the fourMusician brought in, later became -- under their absence -- Nina Hagens singing taken up. The title 1979 of the published album “uneasiness” appears unmistakably. Into the 1980er years, without Nina, the four musicians under the volume name should registerSpliff “of successes. In the 1980er and 1990erFor years Nina Hagen made attentive by their UFO - theories, their large interest to the Spiritualität and the religions as well as their commitment for the animal protection on itself. These influences are also on the numerous disk publications of this time brought in with most different musicians.

1981 brought it theirDaughter Cosma Shiva to the world and married 1987 on Ibiza a seventeen-year old Punkmusiker from the Londoner house occupying he scene. 1989 married it the Frenchman franc Chevallier, from whose marriage the common son Otis Hagen came out. It stylized itself, in an advisory manner from the mode designer Jean Paul Gaultier, as radio skirt Diva. UpIt gave, sang themselves plates, which she submitted occasionally to her fan municipality, kosmopolitisch times German, times English, struck themselves to the president forwards (Street, 1991), did not find however not the music, which corresponded to her. 1993 undertook it with the album “revolution Ballroom “andthe producer Phil Manzanera a new approach.

Nina Hagen in Aalborg

to 100. Birthday of the dramatist Bertolt break pulled it it at the beginning of of 1998 back into its birth city Berlin. Together with the actress and Chansonsängerin Meret Becker gave it in the citizen of Berlin to ensemble the Punk break evening “weboth Anna was called “and dialogisierte with the poet. 1999 sang it faithful for a CD double album of the complete three-groschen opera with max of Raabe as Mackie measurer and the ensemble decaying under HC Gruber the Sopran portion of the Celia Peachum, to the original score of briefly Weill, but forit a Oktave too highly. For the live-performance in the citizen of Berlin concert hall called it off. Quotation: “Absingen themselves target I for instance the head? I make myself nevertheless not the voice broken.

In March 2000 it, barefoot in the Sari, presented be-being those on the stage of theof Räucherstäbchen fogged citizen of Berlin ensemble before an altar with Opfergaben a “Indian night”. Speech Hagen: “I am still filled up fully good energies from my second homeland. I was six weeks above in the Himalaya and have with the Navarati in the Haidhakan Vishwa Mahadam to Babaiji largelymystische things made and forces provokes, which were there at my Indian evening in one year ago not yet.“A part of the singing presented there appeared exclusively on Nina Hagens homepage, their proceeds to the half the Babaiji Ashram, a German Sterbehospiz, Brazilian road children, child hospitalsinto India and Tschernobyl and further to benefit should.

The commercial product 2000 of Nina Katharina alias (Indian) Haidakhani Shivani had it in three-year duration in California and Berlin with Joshua Lopez, Brad van Loenen, Jeff Mince, Paul Roessler and Eric Moon under co-operation ofKeith Forsey among other things and with Ingo Krauss koproduziert.

The film producer Peter Sempel turned an experimental documentary film, which documented the years 1994 to 1999, over Nina Hagen, their family and the way companions. Into the foreground it moved also again by co-operation also Thomas's D and volume the Oomph! and Apocalyptica. Their new life companion is a 27-jähriger Physiotherapeut from Canada.

Nina Hagens strengths, by which them attained much attention, are their unusual stimmlichen abilities and their text like gesangliche creativity, whereby them in Germany usually not thatsame success to obtain knew as for instance in the U.S.A. Here its domicile was longer time; it gave numerous concerts and held lectures. Since its separation from the later Spliff musicians 1979 it participated beside its own disk photographs in innumerable projects. The number of allmight be appropriate world-wide published plate and CD publications, on which Nina Hagens singing is to be heard, with approximately 500. “Nina Hagen archives” (left see below) about showed 2005 206 Vinylplatten, 180 CDs and 30 audio cartridges in October (as well as 21 video cassettes and 12 DVDs). First admitted publicationthe single is not “a violin is I” from Fritzens steamer volume with Nina Hagen as a guest singer (GDR 1972).


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