Nini Rosso

Nini Rosso, civil: Raffaele Celeste Rosso, (* 19. September 1926 in Turin; 5. October 1994) is an Italian jazz Trompeter and Komponist.

When its parents for it planned an university graduate career and and against its Trompeterkarriere placed themselves, it did not tear with 19, at that time yet, from at home of age. An employment in a night club was terminated by the police, which brought it back home back. Nevertheless it could finally succeed against its parents.

It created small volume, with whom it went on international route, and justified soon its call as the best Jazztrompeter Italy. It landed beginning of the sixties with pieces such as La ballata della tromba and composed Concerto disparato hits in Italy. Last title became as title music of the film marches and more krepier (with Stewart Granger) internationally well-known.

With the instrumentalen piece of trumpet of IL silenzio it had 1965 then its largest hit. The piece was a world hit, sold themselves ten million time and stated in numerous countries the hit parades, also in Germany, where it was the hit of the yearly, in Austria and Switzerland. Nini Rosso was Trompeter of the world class.



  • 1962 Concerto disparato
  • 1962 The clown
  • 1965 IL Silenzio (parting melody)
  • 1965 LP “IL Silenzio”
  • 1965 LP “Christmas with Nini Rosso”
  • 1966 La montanara
  • 1966 LP “the large desire concert”
  • 1966 LP “the large desire concert 2”
  • 1966 LP “the large desire concert 3”
  • 1967 LP “trumpet in gold”
  • 1967 LP “Trumpet Dreams”
  • 1967 LP “Trumpet Gala”
  • 1967 LP “hit rendezvous with Nini Rosso”
  • 1967 LP “loving area”
  • 1968 LP “golden melodies”
  • 1968 LP “digitally Best”
  • 1969 LP “Bella Italia”
  • 1970 LP “Ciak”
  • 1970 LP “super Disco Trumpet”
  • 1970 LP “Napoli”


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