Nitriansky kraj

Nitriansky kraj
Flagge Zeichen
superordinate State of Slowakei
kind of the administrative unit Kraj
administrative partitioning 7 Okresy
surface 6,343 km ²
inhabitant 713,422
population density 112.47 Einwohner/km ²
language (n) slowakisch, Hungarian
religion (EN) Roman-catholic
nationality (EN) Slowaken, Hungary
administrative seat/capital Nitra
Prednosta (chief) Karol Slávik
index/character 04
telephone preselection +421
Time belt UTC +1

the Nitriansky kraj (Neutraer landscape federation) is an administrative territory (landscape federation) in the southwest Slowakei. It borders in the south on Hungary as well as in the west on the Trnavský kraj, in the north on the Trenčiansky kraj and in the east on that Banskobystrický kraj. It has 6,343 km ² and 713,422 inhabitants (2001). The capital is Nitra (Neutra), other important cities is Topoľčany, Nové Zámky (Neuhäusel), Komárno (Komorn) and Levice (Lewenz).

In the north the area has still portionat Ausläufern of the Karpaten and becomes flat toward the south (Danube low country). The south border forms the Danube, other important rivers is Waag, Nitra and Hron.

In the south the Hungarian language's group with an important portion is represented, to Komárno is considered as their the most importantCenter. The Kraj consists of the following 7 districts (okresy):

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