the NIXDORF COMPUTER AG was created 1968 in Paderborn von Heinz Nixdorf. The company belonged to the most important and innovativsten computer manufacturers of Europe.


1968 bought to Nixdorf its up to then largest customer, Cologne office machine manufacturers of moving he works, and integrated it into in the same year the NIXDORF COMPUTER AG with company headquarters Paderborn, coming out from the predecessor company laboratory for impulse technique; at the upper Frankfurt one way (today: ) Developed for Heinz Nixdorf ring starting from 1974 ultramodern, also architecturally captivating production plants, which became head office in the Paderauen at Fuerstenallee established and again 1985 extended. The know-how within the fine-mechanical and electromechanical range, taken over by Wanderer, showed up in the outstanding constructional quality of the self-developed and - built peripheral devices and has a lasting effect in the products of the successor companies until today.

1970 began the economically most successful time for the NIXDORF COMPUTER AG. It became into the 70ern market leader in Germany and fourth largest computer manufacturer in Europe with manufacturing plants in Germany, Ireland, Spain, the USA and Singapore.

1986 had the NIXDORF COMPUTER AG of 25,500 coworkers in 44 countries and obtained an annual turnover of 4,5 billion DM. In this year Heinz Nixdorf died during the computer fair CeBit in Hanover.

1988 used a fundamental change in the computers - and electronics industry , which the NCAG thus did not want to follow. The triumphant advance of the personal computers any longer which can not be stopped does not cover itself with still the quality yardstick given by Heinz Nixdorf (PC holds it for unausgereift and dearless designed). Thus after the death of the firm founder from financial reasons the necessity resulted two years to look for a suitable partner.

1990 were summarized the NIXDORF COMPUTER AG with the range data - and information technology the Siemens AG in the Siemens Nixdorf information systems AG.

At the 1. October 1999 was extracted the enterprise from the Siemens company and taken over partially by the equity investment companies Kohl mountain Kravis Robert and Goldman Sachs Capital of partner. Also the change of name was accomplished to the Wincor Nixdorf internationally GmbH. Since the summer 2004 the enterprise is noted the Frankfurt stock exchange. This enterprise manufactures above all money automats, statement printers and p.o.s. systems.

The PC - Range firmiert today under Fujitsu Siemens of computer.

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