Noah Ngeny

Noah Ngeny (* 2. November 1978) is a Kenyan athlete and surprise winner in the 1500 m-run at the olympic plays 2000.

Ngeny, good 1500 m-runners, had first trouble to set itself to the world point. Many of its compatriots were likewise strong central and long-distance runners. Its chance received it 1999 at an international Meeting, where it could itself qualify for the world championship. In Sevilla it was struck in the final only by the acting world champion Hicham El Guerrouj. To 5. September of the same yearly improved Ngeny in Rieti the 18 years old 1.000-m-Weltrekord of the British miracle runner Sebastian Coe on 2:11,96 min.

At the olympic plays 2000 in Sydney the two met one another in the final of the 1500 of m-run again. El Gerrouj, the world record owner and double world champions, had been struck since the last olympic plays only once and was the undisputed favorite. Ngeny set scarcely 15 meters off before the goal, won a running and provided thereby for the probably largest surprise at these plays.

After this success Ngeny could not tie no more to its achievements. At the Kenyan eliminations it could not itself qualify for the olympic plays 2004 in Athens.


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