Nobelpreis for literature

Hermann Hessian, Literaturnobelpreisträger

of the Nobelpreis for literature belongs to the prices lent annually from the interest of the Nobelstiftung. In the section literature is to be lent the price according to the desire of the donation giver Alfred Nobel to that, thatan excellent literary achievement in idealistic direction brought out. The winners of the Literaturnobelpreises are selected by the Swedish academy.

The Literaturnobelpreis becomes - together with the Nobelpreisen of the other disciplines - annually to 10. December, the day of death by AlfredsNobel, lent; it is with 10 million Swedish crowns (approx. 1.090.000 €) endows.

The German Nobelpreisträger was the historian Theodor Mommsen (1902), the philosopher Rudolf Eucken (1908), the writers Paul Heyse (1910), Gerhart captain (1912), Thomas's man (1929), Heinrich Boell (1972), Günter Grass (1999), and the German Dichterin Nelly Sachs living in the Swedish exile (1966). Beside long time the native living in SwitzerlandGerman Hermann Hessian (1946) and likewise frequently the Elias Canetti (1981), born living in Switzerland, in Bulgaria, was only Swiss winner Carl Spitteler (1919); the only Austrian Preisträgerin is Elfriede Jelinek (2004).

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