Non profit organization

as Non profit (German: no profit) - organizations designates one those productive social systems with private working group, which in addition to state and market-steered acquisition-economical enterprises specific purposes of the satisfaction of requirements, promotion and/or interest agency/influence (real objective dominance) for its members (self-help) or third notice.
As associations, federations, autonomy bodies, cooperatives or donations are led it by selected honorary ones and can be supported by freiwillige aid in their work.
They finance their achievements (individual goods, meritorische goods or collective goods) over member contributions, donations, subsidies and/or prices/fees. Possible obtained surplus may not as capital net yield directly at members/carriers paidbecome. Certain reimbursements are possible in relation to the achievement demand. Transitions from the private autonomy to the state and/or market price increase in subranges are possible and/or. frequently.(Source: Robert Purtschert, Peter Schwarz, Bernd Helmig, Reinbert shower, Andrea Haid the NPO glossary, Berne, Stuttgart and Vienna: Paul Haupt publishing house, 2005)

as Non profit organization (short NPO) one designates associations, donations or federations, which no commercial (net yield) interests pursue, but serve non-profit social, cultural or scientific objectives of their members. This is fixed in a statute and becomes in Germany in the context of a national acknowledgment procedure in requesting of non-profit character- Status for plausibility examines.

Further synonymous designations:

  • not-profit-oriented (s) organization/enterprise
  • organization without profit-making purpose
  • combination without realization of profits intention (VoG)
  • „emergency for profit Organization “and „Non Business Organization “in the anglo-saxon linguistic area

table of contents

social range

social work, support forDisadvantaged, welfare service

within this range gives it an abundance of organizations, which pursue different karitative purposes from different motives: Support of arms, homeless people, families, children and young people, women, seniors, addicted ones and craze-endangered, prisoner, force victims, obstructed, patient, humans from edge regions, Homosexual ones, refugees and others.

protection and rescue

relief organizations are active in the disaster control , Sanitätsdienst and emergency service andoperate first assistance (- training) and crisis interventions.

environmental, nature and animal protection

environmental, nature and animal protection - organizations sit down for diversity of species, clean air, soils and water, to lasting energy use, noise protection, radiation protection - short: for conscious handling thatEnvironment -.

monument protection

monument protection - organizations sit down for a receipt of the culture and building thinking marks from differentEpochs and promote architecture up-to-date and good with new buildings.

development co-operation active organizations

the life circumstances of humans in developing countries would like to improve network monument protection Austria [work on] with projects.

political NGOs

political NGOs are concerned topics such as globalization, world trade and social disadvantages.

human being and citizen right

citizen right and human right organizationsuse themselves for the adherence to of the people and citizen rights and try on violations of human rights to make attentive.

disaster relief, survival assistance, humanitarian assistance

in the humanitarian assistance active organizations try, humans in a humanitarian state of distress (e.g. to protect with wars and natural catastrophes) andto help them.

cultural range

scientific range

Research centers

  • federation management Institut, Universität Freiburg/CH, research and universitäre further training within the range management for Nonprofit organizations since 1976; Free citizen management model for Nonprofit organizations.
  • Center for Nonprofit management, Münster, Beratung, Forschung and Weiterbildung for NPOs

of courses of studies

Executive MBA in NPO management, occupation-accompanying course of studies at the federation managementInstitut of the University of Freiburg/Switzerland,
master OF Nonprofit management and Governance, occupation-accompanying training further course of studies at the Westfäli William university Münster,
Nonprofit, Sozial- & Gesundheitsmanagement, Fachhochschul Bachelorstudiengang at the management center Innsbruck.


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