Norbert bishop

Norbert bishop (* 6. March 1930 in Breslau) is a psychologist and a system theoretician.

Norbert bishop began its scientific career with Erich of gets and to Konrad Lorenz and became known by the study of the Inzestbarriere with grey geese . It researched in sea-meadows, Los Angeles, Zurich and teaches since 1997 as a fee professor at the Ludwig Maximilians university in Munich.

To its most important works the mystery Ödipus belongs, in which it argues for a biological Inzestbarriere, and inhabitant of zurich model of social motivation deduces. This model is considered meanwhile as an important integratives model to human motivation.

A further work is the book field of the myths, in which the concrete implications of the outline model strained in the mystery Ödipus are discussed.

A further book concerning the human moral is momentary in work.

2003 received Doris and Norbert bishop as a first researcher married couple the German psychology price.


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