Norbert Bleisch

Norbert Bleisch (* 10. June 1957 in Schwerin), also under the alias Sebastian Bleisch admits, is a German writer and Pornofilmer.

Bleisch was a learned Stukkateur and worked as musician, theatre coworker, male nurse and a rescue float. With its first book control loss it became in the GDR admits. In April 1991 it received the Alfred Döblin Förderpreis for fourth Germany.

Bleisch was arrested 1996 and condemned by the regional court Schwerin to two and a half years detention, because he had turned about 60 Pornofilme with predominantly male models since 1990 between 14 and 18 years. In the detention, which served Bleisch in the JVA Bützow, Bleisch wrote the book Porno, which found to today still no publisher, since it brings up for discussion persons from the Pornogeschäft.

Bleisch was with its films very fast internationally admits become.


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    Paperback: Bertelsmann Vlg., Munich 1989, ISBN 3-570-09323-9
  • Norbert Bleisch: Lord garbage, Hinstorff publishing house, Rostock 1990, ISBN 3-356-00293-7
  • Norbert Bleisch: Fourth Germany, Suhrkamp publishing house, Frankfurt/Main 1992. ISBN 3-518-11719-X
  • franc Goyke, Andreas Schmidt: The OSCAR savage of Schwerin. Chronicle of the Pornoaffäre Sebastian Bleisch, Schwarzkopf and Schwarzkopf publishing house, Berlin 1998, ISBN 3-89602-145-1
  • Ingo Niemann: Minus visions. Entrepreneur without money. Minutes, Suhrkamp publishing house, Frankfurt/Main 2003. ISBN 3-518-12327-0 (contains discussion minutes with “Norbert B.”)


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