Norbert Conrad Kaser

n. C. more kaser, actually Norbert Conrad Kaser (* 19. April 1947 in Brixen, South Tyrol; † 21. August 1978 in Bruneck) was a rebellious poet and founder of the new south animal oilers literature of the post-war period, which the far over south animal oilers borders admits became.

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it is born as a son of the Paula Thum. This married a little later the disabled ex-service men Franz Kaser, which legitimizes and to itself takes the child. Its childhood spends Norbert in the parental official residence in the Schafwollwarenfabrik Moessmer, where its father works as a doorman. After obligation graduation it visits the Humanisti High School in Bruneck starting from 1961. Temporarily he works as a central school teacher in Laas in the Vinschgau and writes first poems. In September 1968 it occurs the Kapuzinerkloster Bruneck, which it leaves in the April of the following yearly again. In the middle of July 1969 it exists the Matura in the third approach.

Largest attention excites it 1969 during the seminar of the south animal oilers high pupil shank in Brixen, organized by Gerhard Mumelter, with which it accounts for with the south animal oilers Vorkriegsliteratur hard (“99% of our south animal oilers man of letters would be best never born, on my account can them this very day in the native grass bite, in order not to arrange further mischief. ”) and in addition eagle, the Wappenzeichen of the south animal oilers calls the red animal oiler, “like a Gigger to pluck”. The battle celebration of the holy cows would be grandios. A storm of the Entrüstung in all media was the result. At the beginning of of Octobers it begins the study of the history of art at the University of Vienna.

1970 it travels for two months to Norway, where it is active as municipality workers. After the abort of the study and the return from Vienna at the beginning of March 1971 he transfers teacher agencies to mountain schools of the Pustertals. Its nut/mother dies to 27. November 1971. In the years 1972 - 73 it undertakes different journeys, among other things to Barcelona and Venice.

The high consumption of alcohol leads also different stays to heavy health damage, therefore in hospitals and mental hospitals. it joins 1976 the KPI (a communist party of Italy) and withdraws at the same time from the catholic church . Journeys change themselves with hospitalizations and a cure stay in the GDR starting from and at the 21.August 1978 die for Norbert C. Kaser at the consequences of its drunkenness craze in the hospital of Bruneck. His last poem “I war a child” describes the purge of its body briefly before death.


Kaser is characterised by an original language and Klein rift, as well as by a seziererisch exact observation gift. While first appeared, after its death books “gotten jammed” and to “cold in me” in the meantime out of print are, now its collected works in three volumes are present:

further works:

  • Norbert C. Kaser: now the cherry tree would have to flower. Poems, facts and legends. City passes.. Diogenes publishing house, Zurich 1991, ISBN 3257210388
  • Hans Haider (Hrsg.): The Kaser reader. A selection from lyric poetry, Prosa and letters of Norbert C. Kaser. Haymon publishing house, Innsbruck 1993, ISBN 385218133X
  • Christian Pixis (Hrsg.): it bucks my heart. Übertr. ital. Texts by Maria Fehringer and Peter Waterhouse. Reclam publishing house, Leipzig 1993, ISBN 3379014648
  • Christine Riccabona and Benedikt sour (Hrsg.): “C. norbert more kaser. Literature calendar 1999 ". Haymon publishing house, Innsbruck, 1998

its deduction is in Forschungsinstitut burner archives of the University of Innsbruck.

n.c. more kaser - Lyrikpreis

in the memory at the 1978 deceased poets norbert C. more kaser the association of the book worms (in Lana, South Tyrol) has the N to the tenth day of death Kasers 1988 together with the two artists Paul Flora from Innsbruck and Markus Vallazza from Bozen. C. Kaser Lyrikpreis furnished, which is endowed with approximately 6,000 euro and usually every two years one assigns.

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