Norbert fist hammer

Norbert fist hammer (* 13. May 1937 in Vienna) is a Austrian lawyer and diplomat. He is deputy Secretary-General the EFTA.

Norbert fist hammer codesigned considerably the structure of trade relations the EFTA to the Eastern European states before the case of communism and was one the Wegbereiter for the European marketing area and the entry of Austria to the European union. As an envoy of Austria with the World Trade Organization it participated in numerous negotiations for the liberalisation of the world trade, which culminated in the Millennium Round. Fist hammer is carrier of the large silver decoration of the Republic of Austria.


doctorate of the jurisprudence of the University of Vienna; Administrative career in the Federal Ministry for economics, Vienna; 1974-1982 envoys of Austria at the European free trade organization EFTA, Geneva; 1982-1987 deputy Secretary-General the EFTA; 1987-2002 envoys of Austria at the world trade organization World Trade Organization, the UN economic commission for Europe UNECE and numerous further international technical organizations, Geneva.


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