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of these articles treats the north Germans broadcast, for further meanings of the abbreviation NDR sees NDR (term clarifying).

National broadcasting corporation of the pool of broadcasting corporations
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The north Germans broadcast (NDR) is an institute of the public right (country broadcasting corporation) for the countries Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and since that Reunification also Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with seat in Hamburg. It is member of the pool of broadcasting corporations.

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Studios of the NDR

NDR-Landesfunkhaus Hannover
NDR Landesfunkhaus Hanover

of the NDR Hamburg is distributed on two locations. In Hamburg Lokstedt the TV studios are and at the Rothenbaum the Hörfunkstudios. In the state capitals Hanover, Kiel and Schwerin and in Hamburg are national radio houses with in each case radio and TV studios for the regional programs. Furthermore it maintains Regionalstudios and offices in several cities of its transmission area.

programs of the NDR

of the NDR participates at present alone or in co-operation with other broadcast and/or. TV organizations at the following televisionand radio broadcasting programs:


sound broadcasting

  • NDR 90.3 - national program for Hamburg. The music format addresses itself primarily to the older target group.
  • NDR 1Lower Saxony - national program for Lower Saxony from the national radio house Hanover with partial regionalization. The music format addresses itself primarily to the older target group.
  • NDR 1 wave north - national program for Schleswig-Holstein from the national radio house Kiel with partial regionalization. The music format addresses itself primarily to the older target group.
  • NDR 1 radio mV - national program for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania from the national radio house Schwerin with partial regionalization. The music format addresses itself primarily to the older target group.
  • NDR 2 - Popwelle for the middle generation. NDR 2 may radiate as only NDR radio broadcasting program commercials.
  • NDR culture - culture program.
  • NDR info. - Non stop Informationsradio with messages in the 15-Minuten-Takt, in the evening, at night and Sundays culture program.
  • N-Joy - program for a young target group.
  • Northwest radio - culture wave for the northwest of Lower Saxony and Bremen in co-operation with radio Bremen, where also the editorial line lies.

ochestrasthe NDR

of the NDR has four own ochestras:

Sinfonieorchester north Germans of the broadcast Hamburg
the orchestra was created 1945 as „Sinfonieorchester of the NWDR “and continued to lead since 1955 by the NDR under its current name; Principal conductors were and. A. Günter wall and John Eliot servant.
NDR radio Philharmonic Concert Hall
the orchestra was created 1950 as „a broadcast orchestra Hanover of the NWDR “and continued to lead since 1955 by the NDR under its current name; Principal conductors were and. A. Willy Steiner and Bernhard Klee; the orchestra is predominantly committed to the easier classical period.
Choir north Germans of the broadcast
The choir was created 1946 by the NWDR at that time and carries since 1955 its current names; it is committed in particular „to the old music “, dedicates themselves however to also contemporary music.
NDR bending volume
based 1945 of the NWDR at that time, is continued to lead it since 1955 by the NDR. Since 1971it carries for its current names. Before she was called „NDR Studioband “.

transmitting plants

Visselhövede transmitter for UKW and TV in Cuxhaven in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for the spreading of its program.



1924 became in Hamburg „the Nordi broadcast corporation “(NORAG)based, to 2. May 1924 their transmit mode took up. Since 1928 was produced the transmissions in the Rothenbaumchaussee in Hamburg.1933 were converted the Nordi broadcast corporation into „the north German broadcast GmbH “. One year later belonged it than „realm transmitter Hamburg “to the later largeGerman broadcast.This would send until 1945.

NWDR time

in postwar Germany created British crew power 1945 first „radio Hamburg “, which became in the autumn 1945 as „northwestGerman broadcast “(NWDR) common broadcasting corporation for completely Northwest Germany. This was transferred 1948 in German hands and one „to institutethe public right “for the Lands of the Federal Republic Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin. The NWDR radiated first only one program (late NWDR 1). Starting from 1950 two regional radio broadcasting programs , UKW north ( late NDR 2) followed and UKW west after UKW (late WDR 2). In the sameYear was the NWDR initial member of the pool of broadcasting corporations. Two years later (1952) the NWDR was considerably responsible for the reopening of the television in Germany.
To the 1. June 1954 separated the again-created transmitter free Berlin (SFB) from the NWDR over for Land Berlin independent programsto radiate. In the same year the common television program of the pool of broadcasting corporations started.
In February 1955 the Lands of the Federal Republic Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia regulated the broadcast in their countries again. Consequently the NWDR in two independent broadcasting corporations was divided, „the north German broadcast “with seat in Hamburg should in the futureorganize Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein and „the West German broadcast “with seat in Cologne for the country North Rhine-Westphalia broadcast transmissions for the countries.

NDR history

at the 1. The two new broadcasting stations with their own radio endings started January 1956. The television band took over starting from 1.April 1956 first still „north and West German broadcast federation “(NWRV) until 1961. Then both broadcasting stations were responsible also in the television band for their respective transmission area.

The NDR would send thus starting from 1956 first 2 radio broadcasting programs, NDR 1 and NDR 2, and supplied its portion to the pool of broadcasting corporations community programthe German television.

At the 1. December 1956 started the NDR its 3. Radio broadcasting program NDR 3, which was organized from 1962 to 1973 together with the SFB.

To 4. January 1965 started the NDR as well as radio Bremen and the SFB with the radiant emittance oneown „third television program “(first as „north German television “, late north 3 and/or. N 3), which was developed soon to a full program and in the meantime also over satellite in almost completely Europe is to be received. Since December 2001 it is led as NDR television.

To 14.July 1977 quit Gerhard proud mountain the NDR convention, which entailed many discussion and plans for independent broadcasting corporations in the three Lands of the Federal Republic. 1980 were set the NDR due to a new convention of the countries Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein to a new basis and its programsagain organizes. The program NDR 1 became into the three independent national programs NDR 1 Lower Saxony (to at the beginning of of 2002 „NDR 1 radio Lower Saxony “), NDR 1 wave north and NDR 90.3 (to 2. December 2001 „NDR Hamburg wave 90.3 “) divided. NDR 2 and NDR 3 became in the entireTransmission area as Popwelle and/or. Classical period wave further led. The three national programs of NDR 1 took to 2. January 1981 the transmit mode up and were developed step by step to full programs. Several times daily they switch themselves apart to regional programs. Send in „NDR 1 radio Lower Saxony “the regional programs from the regions Oldenburg/East Frisia/Bremen/Cuxhaven, Osnabrück/Emsland, region Hanover, Braunschweig/south Lower Saxony and northeast Lower Saxony and in „NDR 1 wave north “from Studios the Flensburg, heath, north first EDT, Luebeck and keel. To 30. September 1988 started the NDR on the subcarrier of the television program north 3 its regional videotex offer north text, since 2. December 2001 as NDR text is led. The program covers also information about offers of radio Bremen, which are called radio Bremen text.
At the 1. April 1989 started the NDR its 4. Radio broadcasting program NDR 4, late NDR 4 info. since2. June 2002 as NDR info. is radiated.

To the 1. January 1992 joined the country Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania by convention the NDR as the fourth Land of the Federal Republic. The country kept its independent national program NDR to 1 radio mV, just like the other national programs several times daily toregional reporting from Schwerin, Rostock, new Brandenburg and grab forest apart switches. In the October of the same yearly the SFB from the third television program north 3 separated, in order to radiate his independent citizen of Berlin program „Berlin 1 “(late SFB 1).

To 4. April 1994 started the NDR for 14to 19-jährige listener the youth program N-Joy, which was led until 2001 under the designation „N-Joy radio “.

At the 3. October 1997 came up NDR 3 in the again created program radio 3, that in co-operation with the East German broadcast Brandenburg (earlier ORB program „radio Brandenburg “) and toAt the end of of 2000 also with the transmitter free Berlin (earlier program SFB 3) was organized and to 31. December 2002 would send.

As last radio broadcasting program in the long program history of the NDR started at the 1. November 2001 the northwest radio, a common radio broadcasting program of radio Bremen and NDRfor the Land of the Federal Republic Bremen and the northwest of Lower Saxony. In this program that could be done past to 2. Radio broadcasting program „radio Bremen 2 “up. The editorship of the program is with radio Bremen.

Since 1. January 2003 sends the NDR with the program NDR culture as follow-up program of „radio3 “also alone classical period and culture program arranged by him. The designation „radio 3 “gave it however further up to 31. December 2003. It concerns now a culture program of the RBB, which took over partly also transmissions of NDR culture. At the 1. January2004 came up this program in the new RBB culture radio .

With that 1929 of the NORAG justified Hamburg port concerts radiates NDR 90.3 on Sunday of 6 to 8 o'clock in the morning the oldest existing radio ending of the world.

directors of the NDR and its predecessor mechanisms

  • 1924–?: Hans Bodenstedt, director of the NORAG
  • 1945-1947: Max Burghardt, director of radio Hamburg and/or. the NWDR
  • 1947-1955: Hanns Hartmann; Director of the NWDR
  • 1955-1961: Dr. phil. Walter Hilpert, director of the NDR
  • 1961-1973: Gerhard Schröder
  • 1974-1980: Martin Neuffer
  • 1980-1987: Friedrich William Räuker
  • 1987-1991: Dr.Peter Schiwy
  • 1991-heute: To Jobst Plog

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