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The north is a main direction, which points from everywhere on earth to the north pole. Also on the other planet of our solar system there is the direction the north, shows it also thereon the north pole. It used for navigation and to the indication of coordinates. The term „north “or „the north “(abbreviation N) designates a bisector between the west (270 degrees) and the east (90 degrees).

The needle of the compass is arranged always nearly northward and is enoughin Central Europe for rough orientation. The magnetic needle of a compass aligns itself at the earth's magnetic field and usually points therefore neither to the true north nor to the magnetic north pole. The deviation between geographical and magnetic north direction is called declination. To the exact regulation thatDeclination and thus for the computation of the difference one uses appropriate data on topographic maps or however draws to special maps for the magnetic field (isoclines - maps) in addition

different main directions is the west, the east and the south.

Maps become as framework maps and with the exception of maps of the polar areasthus it provides that the north direction points to the upper page margin. If a map for certain reasons of this convention deviates, then this should be indicated approximately by a wind rose.

Regarding the north wind is common: „It blows a north “. North is a more frequent wind direction in largeParts of Western Europe and Central Europe.

In China the earth branch of the mouse is located and/or. Rat (子 ) and the tri gram water (坎 kăn) symbolically for the north.

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