Nordpfälzer mountain country

the Nordpfälzer mountain country, unkorrekt shortened also only Pfälzer mountain country, is belonged surface-moderately predominant a landscape in Rhineland-Palatinate and to the Pfalz.

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situation and demarcation

the Nordpfälzer mountain country lies - roughly defined - between (Saarland) the pc. Spiral in the west and the three cities Alzey in the east , Kaiserslautern in the south and Bad Kreuznach in the north, belonging to Rhineland-Palatinate, whereby these places themselves are not any longer to it-counted. The Nordpfälzer mountain country connects thus the landscapes Pfälzer forest, nature park Saar Hunsrück, close country and Rhinehesse.

In the northwest the demarcation is not always clear to the close country. As rough reference point north the Glans strongly unfolding mountain chain with a difference in height can be taken of partly more as 300 m than demarcation.

Above all the district Kusel and the thunder mountain circle have portion of the Nordpfälzer mountain country. In smaller measure it extends also over parts of the districts Kaiserslautern, pc. Spiral, Birkenfeld and Bad Kreuznach.



Keltenwall am Donnersberg
Keltenwall at the thunder mountain

the Nordpfälzer mountain country is characterized by numerous hills and valleys, which the region a strongly varying altitude from approximately 200 to 600 m over N.N. lend. The highest mountain is the thunder mountain, which represents the highest collection of the Pfalz with 687 m also.


important rivers within the western and northern range are 57 km long Alsenz and 68 km long Glan. 116 km long close ones, into which the two different flow, cannot be to it-counted any longer. 43 km long Pfrimm, which rises even however in the northern Pfälzer forest, drain the area at the thunder mountain as well as 61 km long Selz. Both flow into the upper Rhine.


the region is coined/shaped very rural and exhibits no cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants. Important places are Alsenz, Altenglan, Kirchheimbolanden, Kusel, loud corners, Meisenheim, skirt living and wolf stone.




federal highways


Glantalbahn, loud valley course, Alsenztalbahn, Zellertalbahn, thunder mountain railway


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