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Norma Shearer (* 10. August 1902 in Montréal, Canada; † 12. June 1983 in Woodland Hills, California, the USA) was an US-American actress.

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Norma Shearer was since the establishment of the Studios MGM an important star. Her Canadian nut/mother Edith Shearer (* 1873) brought it and its older sister to Athole (* 1900), late thatHollywoodregisseur Howard Hawks married, already early in contact with the Showbusiness. Norma won 1920 with 14 years of beauty competitions and the nut/mother led it to Broadway in New York, in order to bring it with the Ziegfeld Follies under. This did not succeed however and played in such a wayit in the same year together with nut/mother and sister in their first silent movies also.

play career

the Hollywood producer Irving Thalberg (* 1899) saw Norma Shearer in these early photographs and placed it of Louis B. Mayer forwards, which gave their 1923 a 5-Jahres-Vertrag.It played in numerous films along and ascended rapidly to one the star of the society. Particularly after the surprise success of He Who GET Slapped, where it arose beside Lon Chaney and William Haines under the direction of Victor Sjöström, grew the popularity thatActress. In the internal hierarchy it stood directly after Marion Davies and Lillian Gish in third place. The cometful ascent of Greta Garbo overshadowed at that time however the constantly growing popularity of Norma Shearer.

1927 married it Irving Thalberg and their career in the Studio took oneenormous upswing. That showed up, when the actress was to be seen student Prince beside Ramon Novarro under the direction of Ernst Lubitsch in the same year in the prestige production of The. The Studio wanted thereby to the success of The Merry Widow (1925, Mae Murray and John Gilbert under the direction of Erich von Strohheim) and La Boheme (1926, Lillian Gish and John Gilbert under the direction of King Vidor) anknüfen, which had provided before for full cinemas.

With beginning of the clay/tone film era the actual gloss time of the actress began. 1930received it for its role in The Divorcee the OSCAR. In the following years it received to still 4 further OSCAR nominating.

To 14. September 1936 died its married man Irving Thalberg, which suffered time of its life under an unstable state of health, at a pneumonia at the age of37 years. The Schauspierlin was in the following months in one request-harvests controversy with of Louis B. Mayer around the financial regulations in Thalbergs will entangles. The agreement took place after much negative publicity and saw among other things forwards that the actress of still six further films for ever$ 110.000 to turn should. Beyond that you were entitled proportional incomes at the last Thalbergproduktionen.

Norma Shearer turned thereafter to its favourite production, the aufwändigen and with much detail produced biography of Marie Antoinette, which came 1938 into the rental business and brought in fewer moneysas it had cost.

The today most well-known role of Norma Shearer is the Mary Haines in the filming of the Broadway hit The Women. The film was the commercially second-follow-richest of the yearly. Norma and Joan Crawford did not get along well with one another, which the common scenes howeveran additional measure of authenticity lends. Most critics did not like the representation of measure Shearer and compared their role even with those, which Ann Harding always took over.

In the future the actress main roles leaned in of hoist blown, Susan and God as well as Mrs. Off and said good-bye 1942 after two financially little successful comedies (incoming goods Were Dancing and ago Cardboard Lover) of the canvas.

Offers for a long-term contract with Warner Brothers, which wanted to use the actress beside bed Davis in old Acquaintance,it rejected.

Against landläufiger rumors was oriented the role of the Norma the moon in Sunset boulevard not at Norma Shearer, but took up fundamentals from the character of Norma Talmadge .

she learned

the last years 1942 in Sun Valley the ski - teachersMartin Arrouge know. They married still in the same year and Norma Shearer withdrew themselves now finally from the canvas. It rather umsorgte the small family with the two children from the marriage with Irving Thalberg, Irving jr. (* 1930) and Katherine (* 1935). NormaShearer kept nevertheless further contact to MGM. Thus she discovered Janet Leigh at one ski vacation, arranged for her canvas tests and her received a contract with MGM. Janet Leigh became later famous for its role in Psycho of Alfred Hitchcock. In addition held it confineContact to their älterern brother Douglas Shearer, which they visit still during the silent movie time in Hollywood came and then one of the clay/tone pioneers of MGM became. Douglas Shearer received 11 Oscars in the course of his career as a clay/tone master.

The marriage with that 20 years younger MartinArrouge (it was only 20 years old in the year 1942) held up to its death 1983.


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