Norman Jewison

Norman Jewison (* 21. July 1926 in Toronto) is a Canadian film director.

After the study in Toronto it pulled to Jewison first to London, where it began to write film scripts. From 1952 to 1958 it produced Fernsehshows for the Canadian television. As a specialist for Unterhaltungsshows changed to it to Broadway to New York. For the US-American television Jewison at the beginning of the 1960er produced years as popular shows as the Judy country show.

it gave then its cinema debut to 1962 as a director with the film 40 Pounds OF Trouble with Tony Curtis. For its films Norman Jewison was nominated so far altogether five times for a OSCAR, without winning it however. For its life's work it became however 1998 with the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award excellently.

1986 it created a film university in Toronto, where it is active as a professor also. It is married and father of three children.


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