Normann Stadler

Normann Stadler, Hawaii 2004

Normann Stadler (* 25. February 1973 in value home) is a German Triathlet.

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sporty career

to 16. October 2004 became Stadler with 8:33.01 hr. Winner of the Ironman Hawaii. After Thomas's light latch plate was it the second Germans, to which this succeeded. To 10. July 2005 won Stadler in addition the OPEL Ironman in Frankfurt/Main.

With the 27. 2005 it gave edition up of the Ironman competition on Hawaii after two blowouts demoralized, while the German outsider Faris aluminium-Sultan could win German participants as the third.

he came to Stadler and

the handicapped at the beginning of of 2005 by obstruct-hostile expressions into the public criticism, which he had expressed in connection with the choice to the sportsman of the yearly in a newspaper interview: “I have a genuine problem with the fact that with Wojtek Czyz an obstruction before me stands. (...) I reamed myself seventeen years the back, and then a handicapped sportsman, who makes since two years, comes there in front purely because of any story, because he embraced the Federal Chancellor in Athens. “[1] Stadler apologized publicly [2] for its expressions and assured as compensation a commitment for disabled athletes . Thus it auctioneered its Hawaii Siegerrad of 2004 with ebay and donated proceeds to favour of handicapped sportsmen.

successes (selection)

world championships

  • 1. Ironman Triathlon World Championships Hawaii 2004
  • 1. World championship in the Duathlon 1994

Ironman series

  • of 1. Ironman Triathlon World Championships Hawaii 2004
  • 3. Ironman Triathlon World Championships Hawaii 2000
  • 4. Ironman Triathlon World Championships 2003
  • 4. Ironman Triathlon World Championships 2001
  • 1. Ironman Germany 2005
  • 1. Ironman Australia 2001
  • 1. Ironman Australia 2000
  • 2. Ironman Switzerland 2004
  • 4. Ironman Switzerland 1999
  • 5. Ironman Switzerland 1998

Powerman series

  • of 1. World championship in the Duathlon 1994
  • 1. Worldcup Duathlon 1994
  • 1. Powerman Switzerland 1996

German championships

  • 1. German championship central distance Trathlon 2003
  • 1. German championship Duathlon 2004
  • 1. German championship Duathlon 1996
  • 1. In addition German championship Duathlon

1995 Stadler achieved 8 single titles with German championships in the Duathlon or Triathlon of the youth, and/or. Juniors as well as several Medaillien with European and world championships in the Duathlon and Triathlon.

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