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Borough OF Northampton
situation in Northamptonshire
base data
status Borough
region East of avoiding country
Verw.grafschaft Northamptonshire
administrative seat Northampton
surface 80.76 km ²
population 194,800 (2004, approx.)
ONS code 34UF

Northampton is a large city with associated district in central England at the river Nene and at the same time administrative seat (county town) of Northamptonshire. The city lies about 100 kilometers far away from London.

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Northampton is since ever ago industrial city, in which in particular shoes and other leather goods were produced. In the meantime beside it mechanical engineering and service enterprise stepped.

Northampton is the population-closest district in completely England and nevertheless no independent urban area (Unitary Authority). The city administration represents the requirement that Northampton is the largest city of England, which does not have the status of a town center, London a Borough or metropolitan a Borough. Medway and Milton Keynes could also praise themselves, not become thereby however as independent cities seen.

spare time and culture

the city are well-known for their numerous parks. At the outer edges of the city is a recreational park (Billing Aquadrome) with attached camping site and yachting port.

Apart from a modern purchase passage Northampton is to possess the largest market place Britanniens (from the year 1235).

sons and daughters of the city


due to the archaeological excavations in the area Northamptons existed already at present the Roman crew a settlement. The first field farmers can do 7 from that. Century to be proven. In 8. Century became Northampton an administrative seat within the Kingdom of Mercia.

The city in the 11 became important. Century, when the Normannen established Stadtmauern and a large lock in Northampton. 1460, during the rose wars, became king Heinrich VI. in Northampton by trailers of the house York imprisoned set.

During the English civil war Northampton supported the parliamentarians. Therefore the Stadtmauern and the lock on instruction of king became Karl II. to the punishment geschleift. Today the station stands on the remnants of the lock. It is called therefore “Northampton Castle station”.

1675 were destroyed the city by a large fire and finally developed after the drawing board again.

In 19. Century became Northampton admits as stronghold political radicalism, when Charles Bradlaugh was selected several times to the local delegate. Into the 1960er years became the city a new Town, whereby the total population snapped up. The city was then attached also to the motorway net.

Since 1992 exists a partnership between cities with German Marburg at the Lahn, since xxxx with the French Poitiers.


express elevator tower

of twin cities

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coordinates: 52° 14 ' 24 " N, 0° 54 ' 00 " W


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