Norwegian shoe

the shoe model with the designation Norwegian is a gentleman half shoe in the Derbyschnitt with a sheet employment on the fussrücken and senkrechten a seam at the shoe point.

Norweger in französischer Variante (Grenson)
To Norwegians in French variant (Grenson)

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the historical

Norgweger Schuhmodell is taken of the work shoes Norwegian Fischer. The original construction way of the shoe with invisible captivated seams comes from the Inuit and the original zwiegenähte construction way of the shoe in the English language norwegian world is also called.


with the Norwegian are three model variants well-known:

  • The rustikale variant with outward curved, vertical seam at the shoe point
  • ( and by it causes with a smaller front sheet employment part above the fussrückens), up-handing thus remarkable and wulstigen shank partial edges the French variant with one far on the toe backs, as well as discreetness seams held and inward shank partial edges umgebuggten.
  • The original variant with invisible captivated seams (high Wasserdichtigkeit, since neither seam thread nor seam holes are visible from the outside) and in zwiegenähter design (more waterproof connection of shoe shank and - soil)


Norwegian in the French kind to elegant clothes (suit, combinations) are combined. Norwegians in the rustikalen and in the original variant are carried with leisure clothes. The high-quality Norwegian shoes are offered either in the frame-sewn or in the zwiegenähten design. The somewhat more crudely seeming models often with a shank of the upper leathers with Scotchgrainprägung has and with Krepp or section rubber soles.

The Norwegian ranks among the basic models of classical gentleman shoes.


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