Notre-Dame de of Paris

Notre-Dame de of Paris

the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris in Paris is one of the earliest and largest gothical cathedrals of France.

She is Maria, who geweiht nut/mother Jesu, (French: notre lady = our wife). Since in France many churches carry the name Notre Dame, them are called for distinction Notre-Dame de Paris.


the building was begun in the year 1163 under bishop Maurice de Sully and finished only 1345. Thoseboth towers are 69 meters high, the ridge turret of 90 meters. The church ship is wide inside 130 meters long, 48 meters and 35 meters high. 9,000 persons find in the church place.

While the French kings traditionally in the cathedral Notre-Dame in Reims were crowned, left themselves the ten-year English king Heinrich VI. crown de Paris to the king of France during the hundred-year of war 1431 in Notre-Dame. Napoléon Bonaparte crowned itself to 2. December 1804 in Notre-Dame de Paris inPresence of the Pope Pius VII. even to the emperor of the Frenchmen, it crowned his Mrs. Joséphine to the empress. In 19. Century was restored the building - like many other medieval churches of France - by Eugène Viollet le Duc.

Particularly became the cathedral admitsby the novel of the Glöckner of Notre-Dame (French Notre-Dame de Paris) of Victor Hugo and its far over 20 filmings.

France kilomètre zéro (kilometers of zero), the point of reference for the range readings z. B. to of Paris leading, Is to motorways on the place before the cathedral.

The emergency RH lady epoch is music-historically important (approx. 1160-1250). Their name deduces itself from that Paris Kathedralkirche, at which the two general agents of this composition school, Léonin and Pérotin were active as Magister.

The threeTitularorganisten of the cathedral are at present Olivier Latry, Philippe Lefebvre and Jean Pierre Leguay.

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