Emergency call

in all states of the European Union as well as in Switzerland and Liechtenstein applies the following euro emergency call number:


further emergency call numbers down on this side.

The emergency call is a signal, which is conveyed, over with an emergency professional assistance such as emergency serviceTo alarm , fire-brigade or police. An emergency call can be set off over different communication channels, usually over telephone, in addition, over Rufsäulen, radio and distress signals. Neuerdings gehört in vielen Notrufannahmestellen auch das Schreibtelefon dazu.

One can between purposefulEmergency calls, thus direct calling with a directing center and unaimed emergency calls like the delivery of the alpine distress signal differentiate, with which one becomes apparent with humans in the environment, who call for then if necessary for their part the necessary emergency services.

Telephones, of thoseout aimed emergency calls to be set off can, are characterized in public mechanisms and larger buildings by the safety characters fire reporting telephone or emergency call telephone.

Emergency calls can be released also automated, for example if a person does not announce itself any longer, as through during a dead man mechanism orthe safety clock with house emergency call equipment. Also one can call a releasing of fire signalling equipment emergency call (see also: TUS).

Far spread also Notrufsender for humans, who are reduced in their motion. They contribute Funksenderitself, which sends an impulse with push of a button to an accessory equipment at the telephone in the dwelling, which automatically passes the alarm on then to a before defined directing center. One calls such systems house emergency call.

With the advancement of the mobile telephone, as well as the government inspection department- System further possibilities opened. Thus there is Notrufsender, which is built in motor vehicles and sets off in an accident by abnormal changes of position automatically an emergency call to the directing centers of the driver clubs - like General German Automobile Association or ÖAMTC -.

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emergency call by telephone

the emergency call, which concerns most humans directly in the accident, is the transacted from the telephone. For the behavior and the substantial information when setting one offEmergency call some rules were provided over the data, which are to facilitate problem-free completing:

  • Where did it happen?
  • What happened?
  • How are many persons concerned?
  • Which kind of the state of distress, illness or injury is present?
  • Control rooms on further inquiries!

Note: The callershould present only if the called directing center no more questions has and the discussion terminated. Contents of the emergency call are not at present in the German-language countries uniform. During in Austria the question “who calls? A “component of the emergency callis, one limits Germany to 5 W s and clarifies themselves the question about the caller with the further inquiries. Calling the recall number is of substantial importance, because only thereby the possibility exists, with further inquiries contact with the Mitteilerto take up. This is above all necessary if the rescue forces cannot find the place of work.

Beyond that as for example fire, running out liquids or gotten jammed persons is to be made with the emergency call also on characteristics attentively. With poisonings one should,if possible, also communicate the taken substance (for example medicines, detergents or plant parts). With traffic accidents with danger property goods should be possibly referred the orange colored warning notices and to the boards existing characteristic numbers.

An emergency call can from each telephone alwaystake place free of charge - coins or calling cards are not necessary. This applies also to mobile telephones. Here also internationally in the GSM - standard became generally accepted the 112 as emergency call number. Also without Simkarte or pin one can select this number and becomesconnected with the rescue directing center, which is responsible for the momentary place of residence. In Germany is additionally also the 110 possible as emergency call number.

In order to reach the euro emergency call by means of a mobile telephone better, one may not type the pin, then he becomes overthe strongest net set off, otherwise one he is sent only over the de-energised network carrier. If this offers no receipt however there, each available net is used.

Call box
call box

a further possibility an emergency call to set off are call boxes in stations, at motorways and federal highways. On motorways the driving direction and, if admits, the mileage should be always communicated. The direction to the nearest call box is characterized by black arrows in the guidance posts or guide bars. The call boxes are opposite always in pairs at the motorwayattached, in order to tempt nobody to cross the roadway.

the emergency call numbers

country/region police fire-brigade emergency service other
Germany 110 ,112 ,112
(in some Lands of the Federal Republic still 19222)
in Lands of the Federal Republic (e.g. Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Rheinland-Pfalz), in those the rescue directing center under19222 is attainable, should also 19222 be selected, in order to lose no time by a Weitervermittlung. Without local preselection this is possible only from the fixed net. With emergency calls by mobile telephone should generally be selected the 112.

There is also the centralSperrufnummer 116116 for a blockage furnished by credit cards, maps of current accounts and mobile calling cards, of the centers approach place for the blockage of electronic authorizations.

With the call number of the medical emergency service it does not concern an emergency call number in the sense of thisContribution. It is furnished by the cash-medical combinations and does not place medical assistance when not acutely life threaten illnesses, if for example the family doctor is not attainable on weekend.

In the GDR common the call number 115 for the “fast medical assistance “,after the reunification by the call number 112 one replaced.

Europe (European Union) (112) (112) 112

Belgium 101 ,100 ,100
Bulgaria 166 ,160 ,150

Denmark 112 ,112 ,112

France 17 or 112 18 or 112 15 or 112

Greece 100 ,199 ,166

Great Britain and Northern Ireland 999 ,999 ,999

India 101 ,102 ,103 in India are not necessarily reliable these numbers: they partly do not function or the operator speak no English.
Ireland 999 ,999 ,999

Italy 113 or 112 115 or 112 ,118 or 112 Carabinieri: 112, breakdown assistance: 116, mountain emergency service: 118, forest fire message: 1515, coast guard: 1530

Canada 911 ,911 ,911
Croatia 92 or 112 93 or 112 94 or 112 most portable radio devices there are problems with the choice of a zweisteligen number. The number is not selected or an error is indicated in the display.
Liechtenstein 112 and 117 ,118 ,144

Luxembourg 113 ,112 ,112

Austria 133 and 112 ,122 and 112 ,144 and 112 Ärztl. Emergency service: 141, mountain emergency service: 140, gas emergency call 128, as well as breakdown assistance of the ÖAMTC: 120, breakdown assistance of the ARBÖ: 123, poisoning information centre: 01/406 43 43

(the three numbers are easy over one To notice donkey bridge: in alphabetical order F your resistance, P results in olizei, R ettungsdient the consequence 122, 133, 144. This donkey bridge is void on use of the emergency call 112. From the telephone boxes displaced by the mobile telephones ever more are the calls with the general emergency call 112 without Einwurf of a coin or without telephone value map possible.)

Switzerland 112 and 117 ,118 ,144 1414 (internationally +41 - 33 - 3,333,333) : REGA, Swiss one is awake
Singapore 999 ,995 ,995

Slowaki republic 158 or 112 ,150 or 112 ,155 or 112
Slovenia 113 ,112 ,112
Czech Republic of 158 or 112 ,150 or 112 ,155 or 112 ,112 country-wide for tourists and emergency calls over portable radio; mostly in English or also German

156 office for city police/order,for example over towed car again to find or with luggage thefts

0123 breakdown emergency service

with some directing centers is used a new technology. If an emergency call is received over a mobile telephone, the location of the caller on an electronic map becomes the planning manager alsoconveyed. This serves the faster location of the accident scene with localunaquainted and minimizes also the abuse of resources.

The USA 911 ,911 ,911
Country/region police fire-brigade emergency service other one

detection of the mobile telephone location

if the directing center the caller in the line, is possible it holds to determine with the help of the network carriers the approximate location of a mobile telephone. The radio mast is located, over which the telephone made the connection into the portable radio net. In cities the radio masts serve a radio cell with a diameter between100 m and 1600 m, on the country he can be large however up to 24 km.

Routing from the GSM net

in the German GSM net is connected automatically the caller of the 112 to the nearest rescue directing center. The Weitervermittlung can regionally and depending upon network carrier differently take place.

For the emergency call ends is however insignificant: The information is through-handed over internal lines. It can quite occur that to an emergency call for the fire-brigade the police announces itself.

The emergency call 112is also possible with many mobile telephones, if the key lock is active. Often also 112 + “listeners can take” in place of the pin (secret number) when switching on of the equipment on to be used or it off become a function key directly after switching on on with the function“SOS” and/or. “Emergency call” occupies, before those was entered pin.

As characteristic it is to be called further that perhaps due to the different propagation conditions of the GSM radio net a Weitervermittlung can take place to another, actually not responsible directing center. For example in mountainnear areas can take place by reflections and shadings of the radio a false switching. Particularly importantly therefore the indication of the exact place and not only z always is. B. the road - this can give it also in the neighboring place.

emergency callby fax

for humans with hearing and/or language damage often exists excluding the possibility of calling for in emergency assistance by fax since only few directing centers have write telephones. Unfortunately is the rescue and/or. Fire-brigade directing centers very differently equipped. Many have meanwhileEmergency call fax equipment, which is around the clock supervised. Attainable these emergency call fax devices are depending upon directing center over the “normal” emergency call number 112 or however over their own call number. The detailed emergency call faxes are accepted here and backconfirmed usually by the planning manager to the sender.

Isolated however still only office fax equipment is present on the directing centers, which is located possibly even in a secondary room and not permanently one supervises.

Appropriate combinations and interest communities sat down for years for the uniform introduction of emergency fax devices over a uniformCall number, the policy has trouble with a decision however still.

Various organizations offer a form for an emergency fax, which can be printed out and be platziert provided with the personal data at the fax equipment in the Internet. So must in emergencyonly still the kind of the desired assistance to be marked and the fax mailed.

For the mobile employment in particular mobile telephones are suitable like Nokia Communicator, over which faxes will receive dispatched and can. Thus is a fax emergency call for gehörlose ones also possible if they on the way are. There are also mobile fax devices, which print can paper scanning on paper and. Such devices can be stowed away for example in a small suit-case or backpack. They can like a mobile phone also overthe 12-Volt-Netz of the car to be loaded.

There is further information about the fax emergency call, forms and overview lists with appropriate regionally assigned fax emergency call numbers among other things in the Internet here:

  • German Schwerhörigenbund (FCB)
  • as well as on many Internet sides of the local relief organizations (e.g. Police, fire-brigade, red crossetc.) or the city/municipality or district administrations.

In Austria the emergency call at present still is by fax in the child shoes. Furthest it prospered so far in the Steiermark, where the hearing lot federation with the steiermärkischen federal state government co-operates. It gives however stillno correct emergency call number, which fit into the general patterns. The receipt of emergency calls by Short Message service (SMS) is likewise still much at the beginning.

emergency call by radio

fundamental is possible an alerting also on various radio frequencies.In addition one must have however an appropriate radio. This is with costs and sometimes also training requirements, e.g. the acquisition of an amateur radio license, connected.

emergency calls beside

the normal speech of the receiving station know emergency call in the bad radio in bad radio netsalso through pressures of the FMS - status key “0” to be set off, if the used radio is equipped with FMS Statusgebern. If a transmitting express taker sends the status “0”, with the respective directing center an alerting is caused. On the screen the identification of the vehicle appearsand/or. Transmitting express taker. At the same time for a short time (usually 30-60 seconds) the alarming radio is switched to “sending”, so that all transmitting express takers sound expressions e.g. in the alarming vehicle to monitor can.

emergency call by REGA radio net (Switzerland)

in Switzerland exists thosePossibility of setting in the 2-Meter-Band on the frequency 161,300 MHz off (“E-channel”, “Emergency” - or “emergency call channel”) an emergency call. The radio must be equipped by 123Hz in addition with a Tonsquelchgeber, with which by clay/tone call the relay stations can be switched on, which the signal to the REGA- Operations center pass on. This “Emergency channel” has a good radio cover. By sending a five-clay/tone call (21301) the transmitter without emergency call release can test whether it can from its location a radio link develop. Another five-clay/tone call (21414) alarms the operations center.

navigationand aviation

in the navigation and aviation emergency calls are set off by distress signal or radio signal, in order to make attentive on dangerous situations and request assistance. Radio traffic knows different kinds of emergency calls of using depending upon urgency of the emergencyare. If possible, the emergency call data is contained for the identification and position of the sender, for the kind and range of threatening or occurred damage as well as to necessary assistance.

Emergency calls/distress signals can be sent also automatically, for example when the Kentern or sinking a shipby means of a buoy conceived for it. In this case over a satellite connection in a distress center alarm is released and steered from there from the search and the rescue of the Havaristen.

In the navigation are besides pyrotechnic distress signal means usually.

see also: Mayday, Pan Pan, SOS, distress

of emergency calls in VoIP nets

in the USA must make possible also VoIP offerers that the telephones of their customers under the emergency call number 911 achieve the local emergency call directing center, and that to these the information overthe location of the telephone and its call number to be conveyed automatically. In several European countries and after resolution of the European Union possibly also in completely Europe presumably similar regulations will issue, if the current hearing procedures are final. Web left: Provisional Voice via IPEach offerer of

telecommunication service achievements is committed to services in Austria in Germany for the public to ensure the Routing from emergency calls to the respective directing centers after at present valid right. Würfel VoIP-Anbieter versuchen jedoch oft, durch einschränkende Klauseln ihren innen Hilfsgeräteantriebto go around, this requirement. At the latest with the publication of the emergency call regulation also for VoIP a uniform proceeding for all offerers will become obligation.


intentional or knowing setting of an unfounded emergency call (also a simple assistance call off) placesin Germany the facts of a criminal offence (§ 145 StGB). Furthermore the person must compensation to the organizations involved and. A. carry out. The abuse is similarly punished also in other states.


  • further meanings
    • emergency callalso the title of a RTL is - television broadcast with Hans Meiser, with which spectacular rescue actions are placed behind and shown.
    • Emergency call is the name of numerous smaller or larger newspapers of different employment organizations.

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