New facts Meierhenrich

new facts Meierhenrich (* 25. December 1973 in awls) is a German host and actress. Their first name comes from latin and means “again” (see also new facts). It buildup in awls as an older sister of three brothers (oils, Golo and Sören) and made there also their Abitur. In meals it studied communication science, psychology and sociology. The Magisterarbeit is however still pending. She worked already successfully in the Düsseldorfer advertising agency BBDO, before she made 1996 the step before the camera.

Since 1996 it stands before the camera and among other things for the television stations MDR, Pro7, MTV, VIVA, premiere, RTL2 and SAT.1 worked. It moderated mode and Lifestylemagazine such as z. B. “INSIDE”, youth magazines like” Bravo TV “, reports of the OSCAR - award, the Grammy, golden the Globes and other large film and music festival. In addition it traveled approximately around the globe, in order to report for the transmitter premiere from the driver camp of the formula 1. 2003 were nominated it as a host of the “Fame Academy” with RTL 2 for the Bambi. 2004 reported it for of all large Filmfestivals and film premieres and in the spring 2005 moderated it among other things the live-youth Talkshow “love, Sex and video” with VIVA. In addition it is represented since at the beginning of of 2005 with multicolored on-line ones with a very personal and informative BLOG and has with focus on-line one its own travel column. Apart from its activity as a host new facts Meierhenrich is to be seen also again and again as an actress in the most different roles. Thus it played among other things in the Second Channel of German Television film “club of the green widows” and in motion picture films as “nod rattling clay/tone” and “night traces”. Since March 2005 their own column in the WDR transmission “VIP LOUNGE”, for which it reports approximately regularly on topics around mode, humans, health and Lifestyle, has new facts and starting from that 9. June 2006 transfers it in the pool of broadcasting corporations previous evening series “forbidden love “the role of the Meike Breuer, a child girl.

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