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Novemberthe elfte month of the yearly is in the Gregorian calendar.

It has 30 days.

Old German names for November are wind moon (imported of Karl the large one in 8. Century), winter month and fogging. In the Netherlands becamethe month also battle moon or slaughtering month mentioned, since at this time a battles of the pigs was usual.

In the Roman calendar November was originally the ninth month (lat. novem = nine). In the year 153 v. Chr. became that Beginning of the year however around two months forced, so that the direct on behalf of and counting relationship were void.

In the church year November applies as one month of the meditation and the memory.

At all-holy the Roman-catholic church thinks of all their holy ones, this anniversary always becomesat the 1. November gone. Whereupon follows to 2. November all souls, on which the Roman-catholic church of the deceased intends. The 11. November is the so-called. March in day, a holiday of the Roman-catholic church in honours of their holy Martin of route.Likewise 11.11. around 11:11: 11 o'clock is proclaimed the new campaign in the Karneval. The people mourning day becomes always two Sundays before that 1. Advent committed and is the anniversary for the pleased German soldiers of the two world wars. On Wednesday between people mourning day and Dead Sunday lies the paying for and praying day, a holiday of the Evangelist church, at which one is to turn again more God. One Sunday before that 1. Advent lies the dead Sunday, on which the Evangelist church of the deceased intends.The 1. Advent, thus the first Adventssonntag, lies in four of seven cases as Sunday always in November. With that 1. Advent begins the Adventszeit and a waiting for Christmas.

Sunday before that 1. Advent forms alsothe last Sunday of the church yearly. The last day in the church year however is, in accordance with the church week definition (deviating from the DIN standard), because of following Saturday; this can do thereby at the latest to 2. Decembers lie, in 5 of 7 cases lie it howeverin November.

November begins with the same weekday as March and except in leap years also as February.

In November the Tierkreiszeichen dominates and/or. Asterisk of the scorpio (24.10. to 22,11.), toward end of the monthly it goes toContactors (23.11. to 21,12.) over.

November is the name for „the N “in the I.C.A.O. alphabet.

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