Nuer (people)

the Nuer are one of the large peoples in the south the Sudan and live also in the west of Ethiopia. They inhabit the humid areas at the white Nile and two of its most important tributaries.

In the Sudan 740,000 Nuer (1982) live and in Ethiopia 64,907 Nuer (census 1998).

Its language Nuer is near related to the language Dinka of the neighbouring Dinka, therefore also as Nuer Dinka is designated and belonged to the Niloti languages.

The relationship with the Dinka is traditionally strained. The Nuer is usually trailers of traditional religions or Christians.

The Nuer is organized and traditional akephal cattle breeders. Many one forced because of the civil war in the Sudan to leaving its homeland.

Admits is the Nuer also for its traditional Narbentätowierung on the forehead, which consists usually of six horizontal, parallel strips. A board play of the Nuer is Luuth.


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