Zero-tolerance strategy

the zero-tolerance strategy is one in the USA of the neokonservativen institute for Manhattan developed name for consistent reaching through and an appropriate legal interpretation, in order to meet the safe-keeping draw and the criminality in American large cities. It concerns rather a maxim as around a strategy. Aus ihrdeveloped the Broken window theory, those empirically never examined itself and therefore also z. B. not in Kriminologie text books finds.

The zero-tolerance strategy finds both generally speaking yardstick (Federal State far or countyweit) to application, and in the completely small, for example at schools or in the family.

Also outsidethe USA the term became generally accepted and the principle applies ever more like for example in Malaysia and Singapore with the drug politics.

The beginning, in particular in the areas, which exhibit a increased criminality rate in decay concerning town construction (urban decay) also, also smallestInfringements to punish, led in the USA to situations, which relate considerable successes: From the success agreements with the New Yorker police a competition thinking resulted within the institution police, which led to an identity loss (losing corporate identity). Hard intervening brought also civil rights activistson the plan, which saw the zero-tolerance strategy as incompatible with right-national principles.

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