Karte von Guinea mit der Stadt Nzérékoré
map of Guinea with the city Nzérékoré

Nzérékoré is the name of the second largest city of Guinea and capital per a region and a prefecture of the same name. Nzérékoré lies in the geographical region forest Guinea in southeast of Guinea close of the borders to Liberia and the Ivory Coast. The region Nzérékoré borders besides on Sierra Leone. Because of the civil wars in the neighboring countries many refugees in the region live; into the 1990er years were this several 100,000, in November 2004 were it after UN refugee commission (UNHCR) 73,000, from which to end 2005 further 10,000 returned to their homelands. The UNHCR maintains an office in the city Nzérékoré.

The city has about 134,000 inhabitants (conditions 2005).

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coordinates: 7° 44 ' N; 8° 49 ' W


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