Upper Guinea threshold

the upper Guinea threshold high up to 2.130 m is as continental high country northwest the African knee.

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hands the elongated upper Guinea threshold from west Africa there approximately of source areas of the Niger and from the source rivers of Senegal in Guinea and also from Sierra Leone toward the east over the westarfrikanische States of Liberia, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin until Nigeria.


the upper Guinea threshold is the northwest continuation of the Niederguineaschwelle and the western continuation of the north equatorial threshold. Between these two adjacent thresholds is however still the high country of Adamaua.

Toward the west this large landscape turns into over the run of Senegal into the westakrikanischen low countries around the cape Verde . Northward the Massina at the Niger and its river valley close to and over the Savannenzonen and the Sahelzone in particular ignore the extensive area into the seeing era - desert in the center section of the upper Guinea threshold. In the east the high country of Adamaua follows . To the south it drops over Feuchtsavannen and partly even over tropical rain forests to the large gulf of Guinea .

national nature

the upper Guinea threshold is controlled by the savannah, some parts of the south - along the Atlantic - coast - by the tropical rain forest. While in the west and the east of the threshold high-mountain-like mountain countries are, its center section - around volume TA artificial lake - is arranged clearly lower. From the partly plateau-like heights flow numerous small and large brook runs and rivers and rivers usually toward the south, in addition, after the west and northwest. Largest river is that the Niger, which rises in the west of the threshold and leaves it only after northeast, in order to then flow through it in enem right elbow toward southeast and into the Atlantic flow.

mountains, rivers, countries & places

seen by the west eastward lie these mountains, rivers, countries and places at and on the upper Guinea threshold.


to the elongated upper Guinea threshold belong under others these mountains/high countries/plateaus:

largest rivers



on the elongated upper Guinea threshold these cities are under others:

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the 5 large African thresholds:



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