First lieutenant

first lieutenant (it oils) designates the secondarylowest officer rank in German armies as well as in the Austrian federal army and Swiss army (whereby in Swiss army the abbreviation Oblt it is) and/or. the third-lowest officer in other armies.

In many countries the first lieutenant is unknown. The first lieutenant corresponds therea “second lieutenant 1. Class " (lieutenant First Class/roofridge lieutenant 1LT) or simply “the second lieutenant” (lieutenant) contrary to” the undersecond lieutenant “(Sous lieutenant = dt. Second lieutenant; Second lieutenant 2LT) designated. In former times the first lieutenant was called Prime Minister lieutenant (in franz. Switzerland this very day valid). InNATO has the first lieutenant the “climbing code” OF-1.


oils (CBR defense service, field execution)
at the German navy is called this rank first lieutenant to sea. Medical officers (and/or. Medical officer candidates) of the German Federal Armed Forces do not go through this rank usually. They become direct with the receiptthe license to practise medicine to the medical officer ( the captain) carries.

Transport to the first lieutenant is in the German Federal Armed Forces after at the earliest 2 1/2 years service as an officer (before: three years training up to the transport as the second lieutenant, thus altogether at least. 5 1/2 year up to oils) possible. Use inthe rule as platoon leaders or a deputy company commander, in addition, as a pilot of transportation and combat aircraft (Air Force).

A condition for the transport for the second lieutenant is the participation in two officer candidate training courses (altogether 12 months), the participation in the single fighter training course I (at the army), as well as the existed officer examination after the officer training course (6Months).

The training as the first lieutenant is a mixture from theory and practice. The practical training depends on the use (e.g. Pilot at the Air Force).

On the officer examination before the transfer can among other things taken place to the German Federal Armed Forces universities in Hamburg and Munich its. Upper second lieutenants are thereforeoften university graduates with a nationally recognized university conclusion.

The rank insignia shows two silver four-jagged stars (field suit with the German Federal Armed Forces also black; Navy: two middle latitude strip), at the federal army of two golden six-jagged stars.

In the German Federal Armed Forces everyday life officers operate separately from the troops into own restaurants (officer homes, OHG) and sleepsometimes not in troop accommodations, but in officer hostels. Among themselves also in determines handling to a large extent - blank Kodex, which determines and regulates the social behavior. This Kodex supplements the regulations in the national service act (e.g. “Comrade shank obligation”).

Soldiers in this rank can within by the superior regulation (VorgV)set borders crews, NCOs without Portepee and NCOs with Portepee of instructions give.


the transport to the first lieutenant takes place in Switzerland after army XXI after completing the entire training as the second lieutenant (inclusive the practical service) and 2 WK as a second lieutenant and/or.after 4 degree years as a second lieutenant. (Source: Regulation over the compulsory military service) it has afterwards further the function of a platoon leader, again deputies of the commander of company or in a staff as quarter master. In rare cases a first lieutenant knows also a function as a service boss in one Battalion staff take. The rank “first lieutenant” is a condition for the far training as the commander.

The rank insignia shows two narrow strips at Swiss army.

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