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Colonel (Plural highest one) is a military rank. In the German German Federal Armed Forces it is the fifth-highest officer rank at the armed services army and Air Force. It is thereby the highest rank of the grade category of staff officers. At the navy forms Captain to sea the equivalent rank. To in 19. Century was used the term captain in addition, for army officers. In the Austrian federal army the Colonel standing between lieutenant colonel and Brigadier is likewise the fifth-highest officer rank. In Swiss army the Colonel is located likewise between lieutenant colonel andBrigadier and is the fourth-highest officer rank.

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the term Colonel is derived from the title Obrist. In 18. Centurythe designation in Prussia and Austria was modernized. Originally this designation formed in 16. Century from title at that time highest captain because of the increase of the army existence and branches of service.

Starting from that 17. Century was it not only military superiors, but also the owner from itpaid regiment of mercenaries, which offered its services to the rulers against appropriate payment.

Appropriate naval rank is in Germany since the empire a captain to sea, corresponded in the Austrian-Hungarian war navy the liner captain.

rank of the German German Federal Armed Forces

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Rank, grade category and group of careers together with paying natures of the German Federal Armed Forces

rank captain to sea the German Federal Armed Forces

of the Colonels (no abbreviation, list way of writing: O) designated in Germany a soldier in the fifth-highest officer rank at army and Air Force. At the navy the appropriate rank is called captain to sea. InMedical service of the German Federal Armed Forces are Colonel physician/fleet physician, Colonel pharmacist/fleet pharmacist, Colonel veterinarian.

Until 1945 the designation became Colonel usually with fruit. shortened.

Soldiers in this rank can within the borders crews , NCOs without Portepee, NCOs with Portepee , set by the superior regulation (VVO) , second lieutenants and instructions to main people give.

The Colonel is a member of the group of careers of officers and belonged there the highest grade category of staff officers on, whose highest rank he has. It paid after the federal pay regulation with A16; on the other hand in lifted out uses (e.g. Section chief in the Ministry of Defense) is a B3-Besoldung thoseRule. Next lower rank is lieutenant colonel and next higher Brigadier General.

The Colonel carries a silver oak leaves elbow with three silver stars on his rank insignias.

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characteristics of the rank

of the Colonels becomes mostly as a regiment commander or as a deputy brigade commander toto the most diverse staff officer uses used in all guidance basic areas on all leadership levels (brigade , division , corps, at NATO, in the Ministry or international staffs and headquarters).

Officers, who visited the general staff training course at the command and staff academy of the German Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg as staff officers(or at a comparable foreign officer school) and on an appropriate service post to be used, lead the office designation in the general staff service (i.G.) additionally to their rank.

the Colonel

  1. has other armies in NATO the “climbing code” OF-5
  2. the English and French designation reads Colonel.

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