Colonel village

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Deutschlandkarte, Position von Oberstdorf ist rot hervorgehoben
base data
state: Germany
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Swabia
district: Uppergeneral-outer
region: Uppergeneral-outer, general-outer
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 47° 24 ′ N, 10° 17 ′ O
47° 24 ′ N, 10° 17 ′ O
height: 815 m and. NN
surface: 230 km ²
inhabitants: 9.874
(30. December 2003)
Population density: 43 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 87561
preselection: 08322
Kfz characteristics: OAU
municipality key: 09 7 80 133
of the local administration:
Market Colonel village
prince road 4a
87561 Colonel village
mayor: Thomas's Mueller
of deputy mayors: Günter Messenzehl

Colonel village, the southernmost municipality of Germany, is a market municipality with approx., lain in the district uppergeneral-outer in Bavaria. 9,800 inhabitants. With an expansion of 230 square kilometers Colonel village, surface moderate to the state capital Munich, is the second largest municipality in the Free State.

View of Colonel village

Colonel village lies in the Allgäuer alps 843 m over the sea and is a welfare-climatic health resort and Kneippkurort. In addition it serves the ice-skating stadium with its ski-flight-digs and as winter sports place and a popular goal for mountain climbers.

The municipality has the skin horn course two car courses , and the nebula horn course, those among other things to the starting point of the Hindelanger of climbing paste drives. Due to its situation close to the border Colonel village is starting point to numerous two-land mountain tours between Germany and Austria. Also with the car one arrives into the Austrian neighbour valley, the Kleinwalsertal.

Colonel village possesses a catholic soul chapelfrom that 15. Century and farmhouses 17. and 18. Century.

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Colonel village for the first time 1141 were mentioned documentary and received to 1495 the market right from emperor Maximilian I. (HRR). 1619 were established the city hall. In The place suffered dreissigjährigen war under Swedish Soldateska, which plünderte it several times, so 1632 , 1634 and last 1647. About 700 humans died 1634/1635 at black death.

From 1742 hunting the last bear in the Oytal is reported. 1787 built the Colonel villages for herfirst school building. To 5. May and to 6. May 1865 raged a conflagration, which 146 houses fall to the victim. Two thirds of existing buildings were destroyed. The city hall had again to be built. 1885 appeared themselves already 2,353 Kurgäste in the place. The railway connection Sonthofen - Colonel village became 1888 taken in enterprise. The tourism became important restaurant factor.

1905 for visitors opened the broad-oh-clammy. Those shade-mountain-digs experienced 1926 its first ski jumping with 35 m of longest measured width. The nebula horn course transports visitors since 1930 into the alpine regions. In the year 1937 the municipality became welfare-climatic health resort and since 1964 it is an efficient Kneippkurort.

1950 built on the mountain should-strain the being supposed straining course. In the same year the first ski flight week on the new found ski-flight-digs.

Oberstdorf um 1900
Colonel village around 1900

1972 the municipality depth brook and the places Schöllang, realm brook and Rubi becamethe former municipality Schöllang in in common December. The skin horn course took up its enterprise. Furthermore the building of the Heini Klopfer Skiflugschanze was angepackt. One year later the first ski flight world championships in Colonel village took place. 1988 turned the ski fliers a second time in.

1992 became the local centre for the motor traffic closed. Withthe passenger car traveling approximately 1,000 parking lots can at the local entrance use and with a Buslinie into the local center arrive. A pedestrian precinct covers large parts of the village center, which are remaining ranges majority traffic-calmed down.


with 17.000 beds and 2.5 million overnight accomodation in the year belongthe place to the tourism magnets in Germany. As well as for this 200 kilometers of moving ways, 85 kilometers of Loipen, contribute 20 ski elevators at skin horn, nebula horn and should-strain 44 kilometers alpine departure distances. Stand for about 75 per cent of the Gemeindegebietes under nature protection.

worth seeing

Blick aus einer Gondel der Kanzelwandbahn im benachbarten Kleinwalsertal
view from a car thatPulpit wall course in the neighbouring Kleinwalsertal


place date digs digging record (year)
Colonel village 29. December shade-mountain-digs 143.5 m (2003)
mixing part churches 1. January large one Olympia-digs 129.5 m (2001)
Innsbruck 4. January Bergiselschanze 134.5 m (2002)
bishop yards 6. January Paul Ausserleitner digging 143.0 m (2005)

the sport, particularly, a special meaning comes to winter sports in Colonel village. By a federal achievement center (BLZ ), settled there, the nordischen kinds of sport, Curling as well as ice art run are promoted. The twice German master in the ice art run of 2001 and 2003 Silvio Smalun trains there.

four-digging tour

annual finds in Colonel villagethe prelude for the four-digging tour in the ski jumping instead of. There is the competition since 1953. At that time Colonel village was however second station after mixing part churches.

there were

international ski flight weeks 1950, 1951, 1952, 1955, 1958, 1961, 1964, 1967, 1970, 1976, 1979.

ski flies

Colonel villageone of the few places is applies in ski flies to align can. The matches are delivered on the Heini Klopfer Skiflugschanze. In the years 1984, 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001 and 2004 Colonel village aligned competitions in the ski flight Worldcup. The next is 2007. 2008 become the place after 1973,1981, 1988 and already 1998 for the fifth time place of event of the ski flight world championships its.

Nordi ski WM

Colonel village was venue of the Nordi ski world championships of 1987 and 2005.

other kinds of sport

  • ice art run
    • 1982 - junior WM
    • 2000 - junior WM
  • long run Worldcup: 1986, 1996, 2004
  • Curling
  • 1988 - Curling European championship
  • 1992 - Curling junior WM
  • 1994 - Curling WM
  • 2000 - Curling EM
  • Snowboard - Worldcup: 1998, 1999, 2001
  • other ones

acquaintance sportsman from Colonel village

remote moving way

the European remote moving way E5 leads by Colonel village. First alpine crossing with a Mountainbike by Andreas Heckmair started here and is since a popular entrance for a Transalp (see Heckmair route).

The valleys

from Colonel village leave themselves a number untouched of high valleys to reach, which are not only even landschaftlich very attractive, but also usually at the beginning of an expanded mountain migration. The list specifies the three large valleys with its Nebentälern.

Oytal and Dietersbachertal separated by Höfats and rough-hit a corner. Gerstruben, of Germany high-altitude village is because of the beginning Dietersbachertals.

The Rappenalptal is that longest of the valleys and leads to Germany südlichst convenient village, Einödsbach, past for the southernmost point of Germany. At the end of the valleythe Schrofenpass leads to Austria.


every five years takes place in Colonel village the traditional savage Mändle dance . In the year 2010 it is again specified.

There is a partnership between cities with the French village Megève in high Savoien. Exactly the same as Colonel village is ita tourism village with much ski and moving tourism.

important personalities

of local parts living in

Colonel village


Kornau are on 915 m height. In the proximity one finds the being supposed straining course and the chapel pc. rich at art treasures. Fabian and Sebastian. Kornau has 590 guest beds.

realm brook

in realm brook stands the 450 years old chapel pc. Jakobus andthe moorland water public swimming pool. Realm brook has 226 inhabitants as well as 223 guest beds.


Rubi has 175 inhabitants as well as 266 guest beds.


typical for Schöllang are the farmhouses around the baroque bulb tower of the parish church. In the proximity the castle church of 1531 lies.

depth brook

depth brook has its name of the “Tueffen”, which we call today Latschen. It lies on a terrace over broad oh. Depth brook can prove a centuries-old cure tradition, which owes it to its source of sulfur. Already in late 15. Here counts and other highranking cured centuryPersonalities their suffering. Not far of depth brook the entrance lies to the broad-oh-clammy.

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