Lieutenant colonel

lieutenant colonel of the army (remote alarm unit)

lieutenant colonel is the sixth-highest officer rank in armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany, the German Federal Armed Forces. In the Austrian federal army the lieutenant colonel standing between major and Colonel is likewise the sixth-highest officer rank. In Swiss army the lieutenant colonel is also located between major andColonel and is the fifth-highest officer rank.

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the name leads itself off from Colonel, a very old rank and the French“lieutenant” (deputy), a lieutenant colonel was thus originally a representative of the regiment boss in the rank of a highest one.

rank, grade category and group of careers together with paying in the German Federal Armed Forces


lieutenant colonel (Oberstlt, OTL) is in Germany a soldier in the sixth-highest officer rank at army and Air Force. At the navy the equivalent rank is called commander. In the medical service of the German Federal Armed Forces upper field physician/flotilla physician , upper field pharmacist/flotilla pharmacist , is upper field veterinarian

soldier in this rank can within the borders crews , NCOs without Portepee, NCOs with Portepee , set by the superior regulation (VorgV) , second lieutenants and instructions to main people give.

The lieutenant colonel is member of the group of careers officer and belongs to the grade category staff officer , whose second highest rank is he. It paid after the federal pay regulation with A14 and/or. A15. Next-lowest rank is a major and the next higher Colonel. Lieutenant colonel A14 is thatFinal rank (a career goal) of the occupation officers, if they did not complete the general staff training course.

The lieutenant colonel carries silver oak leaves with two silver stars.

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characteristics of the rank

the lieutenant colonel becomes mostly as battalion commander or a regiment commander up to thatmost diverse staff officer uses used in all guidance basic areas on all leadership levels (brigade , division, corps, office, Ministry or in international staffs and Hauptquartien). The lieutenant colonel becomes the moreover as lecture-room leader or an inspection boss at schools of the German Federal Armed Forces or than S3/stellv. BtlKdr assigned.

The lieutenant colonel

  1. has other armies in NATO the “climbing code” OF-4
  2. the English designation reads lieutenant Colonel

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