Oblast Wolhynien

Oblast Wolhynien
capital: Luzk
inhabitant: 1.040.949
population density: 52 Ew. /km ²
in cities: 50.2%
surface: 20,200 km ²
Rajons: 16
cities: 11
urban districts: -
Settlements of urban type: 22
localities: 1,053
overview: Map
coat of arms of the Oblast

the Oblast Wolhynien (Ukrainian Волинськаобласть, Wolynska oblast) is convenient an administrative unit in the Ukraine, in the northwest of the country. It has approximately 1.04 million inhabitant (December 2005).

The Oblast coversa part of the historical landscape Wolhynien. Capital is Luzk, further cities is Nowowolynsk and Kowel. By the Oblast run the most important traffic facilities of the Ukraine to Poland and Germany. In the west the western nose forms alsoa length of 135 km the border to Poland. In the north the Oblast borders on white Russia (length of the border 195 km). In the east the Oblast Riwne lies and in the south the Oblast Lemberg.

The Oblast Wolhynien stretches ofWest after east 163 km, from north to south 187 km out. The population lives to 52% in urban areas, to 48% in rural areas.

The following Kfz characteristics are usual in the Oblast: ВК, ВМ, ВО


Wichtige Flüsse in der Oblast
important rivers into the Oblast

the largest rivers are the western nose (Ukrainian ЗахіднийБуг) and the Prypjat (Ukrainian: Прип' ять).

In addition the Turija flows (Ukrainian Турія) and the Stochid by the district, both flows stillwithin the Oblast rechtsseitig in the Prypjat.

The Styr flows through the Oblast in the southeast and flows into white Russia likewise into the Prypjat.

largest cities

City Ukrainian name Russian name inhabitant
5. December 2001
Luzk Луцьк Луцк 208.816
Kowel Ковель Ковель 66,401
Nowowolynsk Нововолинськ Нововолынск 53,838
Wolodymyr Wolynskyj Володимир Волинський Владимир Волынский 38,256
Kiwerzi Ківерці Киверцы 16,678
Roschyscht Рожище Рожище 13,636
fire-place Kaschyrskyj Камінь Каширський Камень Каширский 10,818
Ljuboml Любомль Любомль 10,395
Manewytschi Маневичі Маневичи 10,260
Horochiw Горохів Горохов 9,015
Ratne Ратне Ратно 8.693
Iwanytschi Іваничі Иваничи 7,028
Turijsk Турійськ Турийск 5,945
Zuman Цумань Цумань 5,771
Schazk Шацьк Шацк 5,708
Ljubeschiw Любешів Любешов 5,646
Stara Wyschiwka СтараВижівка СтараяВыжевка 5,289


Rajone in the Oblast:
Rajon Horochiw
Rajon Iwanytschiw
Rajon fire-place Kaschyrskyj
Rajon Kiwerzi
Rajon Kowel
Rajon Ljubeschiw
Rajon Ljuboml
Rajon Lokatschy
Rajon Luzk
Rajon Manewytschi
Rajon Nowowolynsk
Rajon Ratne
Rajon Roschyscht
Rajon Schatsk
Rajon Starowyschiwsk
Rajon Turijsk
Rajon Wolodymyr Wolynskyj


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