Oblaten hl. Franz of Sales

Wappen der Oblaten des hl. Franz von Sales. Der Wappenspruch "Tenui nec dimittam" bedeutet: "Ich habe ihn erfasst und lasse nicht mehr los". Das "V+J" bedeutet "Vivat Jesus" - "Es lebe Jesus"
coat of arms of the Oblaten hl. Franz of Sales. The coat of arms saying “Tenui nec dimittam” means: “I seized and do not leave it loose any longer”. The “V+J” means “Vivat Jesus” - “it lives Jesus”
the Oblaten hl. Franz of Sales (short: Sales Oblaten) are a medal community within the catholic church. They were created 1872 by Louis Brisson and Maria Salesia Chappuis in Troyes, France. 1875 received it the papal acknowledgment.

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your major task seeing the Sales Oblaten therein, lives, teachings, work and Spiritualität hl. To live and spread Franz of Sales in all possible areas. In its medal rules it means: The Sales Oblaten has the task to carry out „the follow-up Christi and the service of the church in the modern world by it the teachings hl. Franz of Sales live and spread. The service of the church can take all forms, which require the indications of the time. “ This happens particularly in the Pfarrseelsorge, in school and education, as well as in the mission work. A special field of activity represents the spreading of the salesianischen Spiritualität with the help of modern means of communication.


world-wide gives at present it to approximately 600 Sales Oblaten. They work on all five continents in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Benin, Namibia, South Africa, India and the Philippines. In Germany the Sales Oblaten is particularly active in Bavaria and Nordrhein-Westfalen. Centers are calibrate-corroded thereby, Fockenfeld (High School), house Overbach in Jülich Barmen (medals, boarding school and High School), Paderborn and monastery Saarn Mülheim/Ruhr. In Austria the Sales Oblaten works particularly in Vienna, down and upper Austria. Centers are thereby Vienna (church pc. Anna, Pfarre Krim, Pfarre Kaasgraben, Pfarre Franz of Sales), mountainmountain mountain (High School), Pfarre Artstetten and Pfarre Pöstlingberg.

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